■Guide to E-Journal and Database Authentication System

Kyoto University offers E-Journals (about 40,000 titles), E-Books (about 50,000 titles)
and Databases (about 100 DB) to the faculty, staff, and students of kyoto University.

■For using these electronic resources, the following two points are required.
With these settings, you can also use from off-campus such as home (except for Short-term Account).

SPS-ID (Kyoto University Groupware ID) / ECS-ID (Student account) / Short-term Account
Installation of plug-in to your browser (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox)
—The system doesn’t support access from other browsers or devices such as smartphones and tablet devices.

For details, see the following web page.


■For Access to e-resources, the license conditions has set forth by publishers who provides.
All publishers prohibit the following actions,

• Systematic and programmatic download: Even if you download manually, it shall be considered as excessive use if you download a lot of files at one time.
• Usage beyond the private purpose
• Reproducing and distributing

For details, see the following web page.


If you have any questions about using electronic resources, please contact the library counter.


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