A press release is made by Hiroshi Ueda from our group D02 and and his collaborator about "World's first large-scale survey on the use of quantum computers after the launch of cloud services" [Link]


A press release is made by Daisuke Yamamoto from our group B02 and and his collaborator about "Establishment of Cryogenic Cooling Method for Quantum Simulator by Controlling Entropy - Expectations for Elucidation of Mechanisms of High-Temperature Superconductivity and Quantum Magnetism" [Link]


A press release is made by Yoshifumi Nakata from our group A01 and Masaki Tezuka from our group B02 about "Discovering the Non-identity of Quantum Chaos and Scrambling - Quantum Informational Understanding of Complex Quantum Many-body Dynamics" [Link]


A press release is made by Chisa Hotta from our group D02 about "Discovery of quantum Lifshitz multicritical point: exploring new nonmagnetic phase in 4f insulating magnets " [Link]


A press release is made by Chisa Hotta from our group D02 about "Successful observation of Magnon thermal Hall effect via emergent non-Abelian gauge field -- new light on transport phenomena in insulators ---". [Link].


A paper by Mr Yusuke Taki, Mr Kazuki Doi, Dr Jonathan Harper, Dr Ali Mollabashi, and Prof. Tadashi Takayanagi from our project C01 is press-released. They studied the holography for the de Sitter cosmology and found that the length of a timelike geodesic corresponds to the so-called "pseudo-entropy" in the dual conformal field theory. For details, see https://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/research-news/2023-01-20-7.


A paper by Prof. Yasuaki Hikida from group C01 and his collaborator is press released. They have constructed a holographic theory of three-dimensional de Sitter gravity, and performed, for the first time, a successful holographic computation of the primordial fluctuations. For details, please see https://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/research-news/2022-08-10.


The research achievement by C01 (Hikida, Taki and Takayanagi) and D01 (Nishioka) was taken up in an article of Physics Magazine (APS). In this work, the authors discover a microscopic mode which describes an expanding universe in the light of holographic principle. The details can be found in the following page.


A paper by Prof. Masahiro Hotta and Prof. Go Yusa from project D01 and their collaborators is press released. They have constructed a theory which enables one to reproduce the Big Bang universe using a condensed matter experiment --- a theory of a simulator of the extreme universe by using topological materials. For details, see http://www.tohoku.ac.jp/japanese/2022/05/press20220517-01-bigbang.html.


A joint press release from Nihon University and Kindai University has been issued on a paper by Prof. Daisuke Yamamoto and Prof. Ippei Danshita from project B02 and their collaborators. They have proposed a new quantum droplet state of cold atom gas due to a novel mechanism by their numerical simulation with experimental realization in mind. For details, see https://journals.aps.org/pra/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevA.105.L031301 .