Conferences and Workshops

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[Sep.4-Oct.6, 2023] ExU-YITP International Long-term Workshop "Quantum Information, Quantum Matter and Quantum Gravity" @ YITP, Kyoto U.+online  [Website]

[Dec. 26-28, 2022] Second Annual Meeting of the Extreme Universe Collaboration @ Kobe Convention Center+Online [Website]

[Oct.17-21, 2022] "Third Kyoto Workshop on Quantum Information, Computation, and Foundations" (organized by group A01) @ Online [Website]

[Sep.26-30, 2022] ExU International Workshop "Quantum extreme universe from quantum information"@ YITP, Kyoto U. + online [Website]

[Sep.21-23, 2022] Workshop on General Relativity, Cosmology, and Black Hole Information Paradox (organized by group C03) @ Nagoya U. + online [Website]

[Sep.12-16, 2022] YITP Summer School: A novel numerical approach to quantum field theories (organized by group D01) [Website]

[May.16-20, 2022] APCTP Focus Program "Numerical Methods in Theoretical
Physics 2022" (Co-organized by a member of B02)@APCTP, Korea+online [Website]

[Mar.21-25, 2022] YITP international workshop "Quantum Information Entropy in Physics" (Members in A01,B01,B02 are  among organizers) [Website]

[Jan. 17-21, 2021]  An international online workshop on tensor networks "Tensor Network States: Algorithms and Applications(TNSAA)2021-2022 online" during Jan.17-21 organized by the D02 group.

[Dec.16-18, 2021] Online workshop
IFQ-ExU Joint Workshop: Extreme Universe from Qubits

[Dec.13-16, 2021] Workshop at YITP, Kyoto
KIAS-YITP 2021: String Theory and Quantum Gravity