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Date Name Room Paper
3/31 Kundu Y306 arXiv:1702.00566 Holographic calculation of boundary terms in conformal anomaly Amin Faraji Astaneh and Sergey N. Solodukhin
3/24 Fernandez Melgarejo Y306 Gauged SUGRAs and double field theory
2/17 Yokoyama K202 arXiv:1611.03470 Moving the CFT into the bulk with $T\bar{T}$ Lauren McGough, Márk Mezei, and Herman Verlinde arXiv:1608.05499 On space of integrable quantum field theories F.A. Smirnov and A.B. Zamolodchikov
2/17 Watanabe K202 arXiv:1608.08977 A CFT perspective on gravitational dressing and bulk locality Aitor Lewkowycz, Gustavo J. Turiaci, and Herman Verlinde
12/16 Terashima Y306 arXiv:1601.00921 Soft hair on black holes Stephen W. Hawking, Malcolm J. Perry, and Andrew Strominger
12/9 Sasakura Y306 arXiv:1611.08915 Uncolored random tensors, melon diagrams, and the SYK models Igor R. Klebanov and Grigory Tarnopolsky
12/2 Takayama Y306 arXiv:1410.6810 Running electroweak couplings as a probe of new physics Daniele S. M. Alves, Jamison Galloway, Joshua T. Ruderman, and Jonathan R. Walsh arXiv:1602.04801 Precision Drell-Yan measurements at the LHC and implications for the diphoton excess Florian Goertz, Andrey Katz, Minho Son, and Alfredo Urbano arXiv:1609.08157 Energy helps accuracy: electroweak precision tests at hadron colliders Marco Farina, Giuliano Panico, Duccio Pappadopulo, Joshua T. Ruderman, Riccardo Torre, and Andrea Wulzer
11/25 Sugimoto Y306 arXiv:1605.00656 Holography for $\mathcal{N}=1^*$ on $S^4$ Nikolay Bobev, Henriette Elvang, Uri Kol, Timothy Olson, and Silviu S. Pufu
11/18 Shimizu K202 arXiv:1602.05971 Correlation functions of Coulomb branch operators Efrat Gerchkovitz, Jaume Gomis, Nafiz Ishtiaque, Avner Karasik, Zohar Komargodski, and Silviu S. Pufu
11/11 Takayanagi K202 arXiv:1610.05308 Averaged null energy condition from causality Thomas Hartman, Sandipan Kundu, and Amirhossein Tajdini arXiv:1509.00014 Causality constraints in conformal field theory Thomas Hartman, Sachin Jain, and Sandipan Kundu arXiv:1605.08072 Modular Hamiltonians for deformed half-spaces and the averaged null energy condition Thomas Faulkner, Robert G. Leigh, Onkar Parrikar, and Huajia Wang
11/4 Sasaki K102 arXiv:1610.01422 Pion-nucleon scattering in the Roper channel from lattice QCD C. B. Lang, L. Leskovec, M. Padmanath, and S. Prelovsek
10/28 Park K202 arXiv:1603.00453 Disordered quivers and cold horizons Dionysios Anninos, Tarek Anous, and Frederik Denef
10/21 Nishinaka K202 arXiv:1604.07818 Comments on the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Juan Maldacena and Douglas Stanford arXiv:1601.06768 The spectrum in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Joseph Polchinski and Vladimir Rosenhaus
10/14 Miyamoto K202 arXiv:1602.07797 $\Lambda_c$-$N$ interaction from lattice QCD Takaya Miyamoto for HAL QCD Collaboration
10/7 Miyaji Y306 arXiv:1606.01857 Conformal symmetry and its breaking in two dimensional nearly anti-de Sitter space Juan Maldacena, Douglas Stanford, and Zhenbin Yang
9/30 Ueno K202 arXiv:1601.03384 Viscosity bound violation in holographic solids and the viscoelastic response Lasma Alberte, Matteo Baggioli, and Oriol Pujolas
9/30 Hanada K202 arXiv:1608.03276 A proposal of the gauge theory description of the small Schwarzschild black hole in $\mathrm{AdS}_5\times S^5$ Masanori Hanada and Jonathan Maltz
7/22 Kunitomo Y306 arXiv:1511.08220 Covariant action for type IIB supergravity Ashoke Sen
7/15 Choi Y306 arXiv:1606.01893 Particle-vortex duality from 3d bosonization Andreas Karch and David Tong
7/8 Chen Y306 arXiv:1501.01408 Quantum gravity as an information network: Self-organization of a 4D universe Carlo A. Trugenberger
7/1 Aoki Y306 arXiv:1403.5035 Entanglement entropy in 2D non-Abelian pure gauge theory Andrey Gromov and Raul A. Santos
Plus some original analysis
5/18 Watanabe Y306 arXiv:1512.06431 Relative entropy equals bulk relative entropy Daniel L. Jafferis, Aitor Lewkowycz, Juan Maldacena, and S. Josephine Suh arXiv:1601.05416 Bulk reconstruction in the entanglement wedge in AdS/CFT Xi Dong, Daniel Harlow, and Aron C. Wall
5/11 Takayama Y306 arXiv:1604.07411 Evidence for a protophobic fifth force from 8Be nuclear transitions Jonathan L. Feng, Bartosz Fornal, Iftah Galon, Susan Gardner, Jordan Smolinsky, Tim M. P. Tait, and Philip Tanedo
4/27 Sasakura Y306 arXiv:1601.04232 Emergent classical geometries on boundaries of randomly connected tensor networks Hua Chen, Naoki Sasakura, and Yuki Sato
4/22 Terashima Y306 arXiv:1603.04856 Black hole collapse in the $1/c$ expansion Tarek Anous, Thomas Hartman, Antonin Rovai, and Julian Sonner
4/15 Sugimoto Y306 arXiv:1507.04378 Three dimensional bosonization from supersymmetry Guy Gur-Ari and Ran Yacoby

Tentative list of speakers

  1. Sugimoto (4/15)
  2. Terashima (4/22)
  3. Sasakura (4/27)
  4. Takayama (5/11)
  5. Watanabe (5/18)
  6. Aoki (7/1)
  7. Chen (7/8)
  8. Choi (7/15)
  9. Kunitomo (7/22)
  10. Hanada (9/30)
  11. Ueno (9/30)
  12. Miyaji (10/7)
  13. Miyamoto (10/14)
  14. Nishinaka (10/21)
  15. Park (10/28)
  16. Sasaki (11/4)
  17. Takayanagi (11/11)
  18. Shimizu (11/18)
  19. Sugimoto (11/25)
  20. Takayama (12/2)
  21. Sasakura (12/9)
  22. Terashima (12/16)
  23. Watanabe (2/17)
  24. Yokoyama (2/17)
  25. Fernandez Melgarejo (3/24)
  26. Kundu (3/31)
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