Journal Club in 2017

Every Friday from 12:45


Date Name Room Paper
3/2 Watanabe arXiv:1802.04278 All the entropies on the light-cone Horacio Casini, Eduardo Teste and Gonzalo Torroba
2/23 Terashima K202 arXiv:1710.07298 AdS/CFT Correspondence in Operator Formalism Seiji Terashima
2/16 Shimizu K202 arXiv:1707.03403 The Infrared Physics of Bad Theories Benjamin Assel and Stefano Cremonesi
2018/2/9 Yokoyama K202 arXiv:1801.06895 The $T\bar{T}$ deformation of quantum field theory as a stochastic process John Cardy
12/22 Takayanagi Y306 arXiv:1706.09432 A General Proof of the Quantum Null Energy Condition Srivatsan Balakrishnan, Thomas Faulkner, Zuhair U. Khandker and Huajia Wang
12/15 Takayama K102 arXiv:1712.00319 Quantum gravity fluctuations flatten the Planck-scale Higgs-potential Astrid Eichhorn, Yuta Hamada, Johannes Lumma and Masatoshi Yamada arXiv:0912.0208 Asymptotic safety of gravity and the Higgs boson mass Mikhail Shaposhnikov and Christof Wetterich arXiv:1709.03696 Status of the asymptotic safety paradigm for quantum gravity and matter Astrid Eichhorn
12/8 Sugimoto K202 arXiv:1708.06806 Time-Reversal Breaking in $QCD_4$, Walls, and Dualities in 2+1 Dimensions Davide Gaiotto, Zohar Komargodski and Nathan Seiberg
11/17 Caputa K202 arXiv:1709.03597 Shockwaves from the Operator Product Expansion Nima Afkhami-Jeddi, Thomas Hartman, Sandipan Kundu and Amirhossein Tajdini
11/10 Sasakura K202 arXiv:1710.07449 Emergent symmetries in the canonical tensor model Dennis Obster and Naoki Sasakura
10/27 Sasaki K202 arXiv:1704.00259v2 Quantum Numbers of Recently Discovered $\Omega^0_c$ Baryons from Lattice QCD M. Padmanath and Nilmani Mathur
10/20 Miyaji Y306 arXiv:1704.05333 Diving into traversable wormholes Juan Maldacena, Douglas Stanford and Zhenbin Yang
10/6 Obster Y306 Defining Quantum Ricci Curvature N. Klitgaard and R. Loll
7/28 Park Y306 arXiv:1709.02388 Non-Abelian supertubes Jose J. Fernandez-Melgarejo, Minkyu Park and Masaki Shigemori
7/21 Miyamoto Y306 arXiv:1705.05582 Machine learning of explicit order parameters: From the Ising model to $\mathrm{SU}(2)$ lattice gauge theory Sebastian Johann Wetzel and Manuel Scherzer
7/7 Fernandez Melgarejo K202 arXiv:1703.10171 M-theory superstrata and the MSW string Iosif Bena, Emil Martinec, David Turton and Nicholas P. Warner
6/23 Kundu Y306 arXiv:1610.09378 Einstein gravity 3-point functions from conformal field theory Nima Afkhami-Jeddi, Thomas Hartman, Sandipan Kundu and Amirhossein Tajdini
6/16 Hikida Y306 arXiv:1704.08665 Stringy AdS$_3$ from the worldsheet Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Rajesh Gopakumar and Chris Hull
6/2 Choi Y306 arXiv:1612.06514 Supersymmetric localization in AdS$_5$ and the protected chiral algebra Federico Bonetti and Leonardo Rastelli
5/26 Chen Y306 arXiv:1611.08613 Tensor network models of unitary black hole evaporation Samuel Leutheusser and Mark Van Raamsdonk
5/12 Aoki Y306 arXiv:1707.03982 Flow equation, conformal symmetry and AdS geometry Sinya Aoki and Shuichi Yokoyama arXiv:1701.00046 Flow equation for the scalar model in the large $N$ expansion and its applications Sinya Aoki, Janos Balog, Tetsuya Onogi and Peter Weisz arXiv:1605.02413 Flow equation for the large $N$ scalar model and induced geometries Sinya Aoki, Janos Balog, Tetsuya Onogi and Peter Weisz
4/28 Sugita Y306 arXiv:1701.01383 Group field theory and tensor networks: Towards a Ryu-Takayanagi formula in full quantum gravity Goffredo Chirco, Daniele Oriti and Mingyi Zhang
4/21 Kubo Y306 arXiv:1703.04612 Fermionic localization of the Schwarzian theory Douglas Stanford and Edward Witten
4/21 Kusuki Y306 arXiv:1702.00423 Bootstrapping the spectral function: On the uniqueness of Liouville and the universality of BTZ Scott Collier, Petr Kravchuk, Ying-Hsuan Lin and Xi Yin
2017/4/14 Umemoto Y306 arXiv:1608.05687 Traversable wormholes via a double trace deformation Ping Gao, Daniel Louis Jafferis and Aron Wall

Tentative list of speakers

  1. Umemoto (4/14)
  2. Kusuki (4/21)
  3. Kubo (4/21)
  4. Sugita (4/28)
  5. Aoki (5/12)
  6. Chen (5/26)
  7. Choi (6/2)
  8. Hikida (6/16)
  9. Kundu (6/23)
  10. Fernandez Melgarejo (7/7)
  11. Miyamoto (7/21)
  12. Park (7/28)
  13. Obster (10/6)
  14. Miyaji (10/20)
  15. Sasaki (10/27)
  16. Sasakura(11/10)
  17. Caputa(11/17)
  18. Sugimoto(12/8)
  19. Takayama(12/15)
  20. Takayanagi(12/22)
  21. Yokoyama(2/9)
  22. Shimizu(2/16)
  23. Terashima(2/23)
  24. Watanabe(3/2)
  25. Kunitomo(3/30)
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