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Schedule of Week 2 (Sep. 27 - Oct. 03)

Sep. 28

15:00-16:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N.Itagaki]
N. Tsunoda (CNS, Tokyo) Neutron-rich nuclei from the nuclear force
16:30-17:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N. Itagaki]
J. Menendez (Tokyo) Progress in the microscopic shell model for medium-mass nuclei Slide

Sep. 29

10:00-11:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: Y. Utsuno]
A. Gal (Racah) Charge Symmetry Breaking (CSB) in Hypernuclei Slide
11:30-12:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: Y. Utsuno]
J. Holt (TRIUMF) Ab initio valence-space Hamiltonians and operators from in-medium similarity renormalization group Slide
14:00-15:00Short talk 1 (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: C. Johnson]
T. Otsuka (Tokyo) TBA
Y. Utsuno (JAEA) Shell-model study of strength function in the sd-pf shell region Slide
15:30-16:30Short talk 2 (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: T. Dytrich]
Y. Tsunoda (CNS, Tokyo) Monte Carlo shell model calculations for structure of nuclei around Z=28
T. Abe (Tokyo) Infinite basis-space extrapolation of ground-state energies of light nuclei in the no-core Monte Carlo shell model Slide
Party is held in front of Panasonic Auditorium.

Sep. 30

10:00-11:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N. Shimizu]
C. Johnson (San Diego State) Large scale configuration interaction calculations for nuclear structure Slide
11:30-12:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N. Shimizu]
C. Qi (KTH) Large-scale configuration interaction description of the structure of nuclei around 100Sn Slide
14:00-15:00Short talk 3 (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: C. Qi]
T. Suzuki (Nihon U.) Shell-model study of nuclear weak rates and astrophysical applications Slide
Y. Iwata (CNS, Tokyo) Two-neutrino and neutrinoless double beta decay of Ca48
15:30-17:00Short talk 4 (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N. Tsunoda]
T. Yoshida (CNS, Tokyo) Study of shell and cluster configurations of 12Be based on Monte Carlo shell model
T. Miyagi (Tokyo) Calculations for medium-mass nuclei with chiral EFT interactions in the unitary-model-operator approach Slide
S. Yoshida (Tokyo) Spin-tensor decomposition of nuclear forces from chiral Effective Field Theory Slide

Oct. 01

10:00-11:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: Y. Iwata]
T. Togashi (Tokyo) Electric dipole transitions in medium-heavy nuclei described with Monte Carlo shell model Slide
11:30-12:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: Y. Iwata]
N. Yoshinaga (Saitama) Some topics in medium and heavy nuclei by shell model approaches
14:00-15:00Short talk 5 (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N. Yoshinaga]
E. Teruya (Saitama) Large scale shell model calculations of nuclei around mass 200
T. Aritomo (Kinki U.) Dynamical approach to synthesis of superheavy elements Slide
15:30-17:00-Discussion meeting (Y206) [Leader: N. Shimizu]

Oct. 02

10:00-11:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: T. Abe]
T. Myo (Osaka IT) Role of tensor force in light nuclei studied with tensor-optimized shell model Slide
11:30-12:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: T. Abe]
M. Kohno (RCNP, Osaka.) The effects of three-nucleon forces in chiral effective field theory indicated by nuclear matter Brueckner calculations
14:00-15:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: M. Kohno]
T. Dythrich (Louisiana State) TBA
15:30-16:30Short talk 6 (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: T. Suzuki]
C. Yuan (Sun Yat-sen) Recent shell model progress on exotic nuclei Slide
N. Shimizu (CNS, Tokyo) Shell model study of nuclei around N=80 Slide