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One-day workshop 3

Place: Panasonic Auditorium

Oct. 05

10:00-10:40Swagato Mukherjee (BNL)
Hot-dense lattice QCDSlide
10:40-10:55Yu Maezawa (YITP)
Fate of meson states and broken symmetries at finite temperature in lattice QCD simulationsSlide
10:55-11:10Takahiro Doi (Kyoto U.)
An improved complex Langevin method motivated by Lefschetz thimblesSlide
11:30-12:10Edmond Iancu (Saclay)
Jet evolution in a dense QCD mediumSlide
12:10-12:25Marco Ruggieri (PAD)
Modelling early stages of relativistic heavy ion collisions: Coupling relativistic transport theory to decaying color-electric flux tubesSlide
13:30-14:10Francois Gelis (Saclay)
Kinetic theory of a longitudinally expanding systemSlide
14:10-14:25Maximilian Attems (ICC)
SU(3) plasma instabilitiesSlide
14:25-14:40Salvatore Plumari (Catania)
Initial State fluctuations in ultra-central collisions in an event-by-event transport approachSlide
15:00-15:40Yasushi Nara (AIU)
Numerical simulations in high energy nuclear collisionsSlide
15:40-15:55Azwinndini Muronga (UJ)
Numerical Aspects of Relativistic Electro-Magneto-Fluid DynamicsSlide
15:55-16:10Armando Puglisi (Catania)
Taking the ratio between shear viscosity and electric conductivity of QGPSlide
16:40-17:20Huichao Song (PKU)
Fluctuations & Correlations in Large and small systems at RHIC and the LHCSlide
17:20-17:35Prasad Satish Hegde (CCNU)
The QCD equation of stateSlide
17:35-17:50Akihiko Monnai (RBRC)
Finite-density QGP droplet in beam energy scans (cancelled)NA