Unofficial mirror page of 8th CAPRA meetings

Unofficial mirror of 8th CAPRA slides @

Eric Poisson (University of Guelph)

[pdf] Tidal distortion of nonrotating black holes

Warren Anderson (University of Milwaukee)

[pdf] Quasi-local contribution to the gravitational self-force

Leor Barack (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Schwarzschild pertubations in the Lorenz gauge

Steve Detweiler (University of Florida)

[pdf] Gravitational self-force effects on orbits around a non-rotating black hole
[pdf] Self-force premier

Nakano Hiroyuki (University of Osaka City)

[pdf] Gravitational Self-force on a Particle in the Schwarzschild Background

Wataru Hikida (University of Kyoto)

[pdf] Radiation reaction for a scalar charges particle in Schwarzschild eccentric orbit

Carlos Sopuerta (Penn State University)

[pdf] Time-domain Finite-Element Simulations of Extreme-Mass-Ratio Binaries

Carlos Lousto (University of Brownsville)

[pdf] Reconstruction of Black Hole Metric Pertubations from Weyl Curvature II: The Reggee-Wheeler gauge

Larry Price (University of Florida)

[pdf] Towards Metric Pertubations of Kerr

Bernard Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] Steps towards metric perturbation in the Kerr spacetime

Jonathan Gair (University of Cambridge)

[pdf] Numerical kludge wave forms for scoping out LISA data analysis

Norichika Sago (University of Osaka)

[pdf] Adiabatic radiation reaction to the orbits in Kerr Spacetime

Steve Drasco (Cornell University)

[pdf] Adiabatic radiation reaction

Gareth Jones (Cardiff University)

[pdf] Search for spinning Black Holes Binaries in advanced LIGO

A Vecchio (???)

[pdf] LISA astronomy of interacting white dwarf binaries

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