Journal Club in 2019

Every Friday from 12:45


Date Name Room Paper
12/13 Kubo arXiv:1902.08606 Resonances and PT symmetry in quantum curves Y.Emery, M.Marino and M.Ronzani
11/22 Kunitomo Y306 arXiv:1905.06583 Non-perturbative de Sitter vacua via alpha-prime corrections O.Hohm and B.Zwiebach Another References arXiv:1905.06963 arXiv:1911.00088
11/8 Kawano Y306 arXiv:1908.10872 A Measure for Quantum Paths, Gravity and Spacetime Microstructure T.Padmanabhan
10/18 Akahoshi K206 arXiv:1904.04197 Lattice QCD investigation of a doubly-bottom \bar{b}\bar{b]ud tetraquark with quantum numbers I(J^P)=0(1^+) L. Leskovec, S.Meniel, M. Pflaumer and M. Wagner
10/11 Aoki K206 arXiv:1909.00656 How can we investigate interactions in lattice QCD ? S. Aoki, T. Iritani and K. Yazaki, "Hermitizing the HAL QCD potential in the derivative expansion"
7/26 Hikida Y306 arXiv:1812.07149 Rectangular W-algebras, extended higher spin gravity and dual coset CFTs Thomas Creutzig, Yasuaki Hikida
7/12 Yokoyama Y306 arXiv:1810.12067 Large AdS black holes from QFT Sunjin Choi, Joonho Kim, Seok Kim, June Nahmgoong arXiv:1904.03455 A 4d N=1 Cardy Formula Joonho Kim, Seok Kim, Jaewon Song
7/5 Umemoto K202 arXiv:1811.05171 Holographic Renyi Entropy from Quantum Error Correction Chris Akers, Pratik Rath arXiv:1811.05382 Flat entanglement spectra in fixed-area states of quantum gravity Xi Dong, Daniel Harlow, Donald Marolf
5/24 Takayanagi Y306 Universal Operator Local Quenches (Work in Progress with Arpan Bhattacharyya and Koji Umemoto)
5/10 Terashima Y306 arXiv:1907.05419 Classical Limit of Large N Gauge Theories with Conformal Symmetry Seiji Terashima
4/12 Murakami (in Japanese) K206 arXiv:1812.01059 Towards the P-wave nucleon-pion scattering amplitude in the $\Delta (1232)$ channel Srijit Paul, Giorgio Silvi, Constantia Alexandrou, Giannis Koutsou, Stefan Krieg, Luka Leskovec, Stefan Meinel,
John Negele, Marcus Petschlies, Andrew Pochinsky, Gumaro Rendon, Sergey Syritsyn
4/12 Wei K206 arXiv:1810.08992 Toy Models of Holographic Duality between local Hamiltonians Tamara Kohler, Toby Cubitt
2019/4/5 Shimaji Y306 arXiv:1803.04993 Notes on Some Entanglement Properties of Quantum Field Theory Edward Witten

List of speakers (alphabetical order)

  • Akahoshi
  • Aoki
  • Caputa
  • Chen
  • Hikida
  • Kawano
  • Kubo
  • Kunitomo
  • Kusuki
  • Murakami(M2)
  • Obster
  • Sasaki
  • Shimaji(M2)
  • S. Sugimoto
  • T. Sugimoto
  • Sasakura
  • Takayama
  • Terashima
  • Takayanagi
  • Umemoto
  • Wei(M2)
  • Yokoyama
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