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Schedule of Week 6 (Oct. 25 - Oct. 30)

Oct. 26

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: N. Itagaki]
M. Ploszajczak (GANIL) Gamow shell model for nuclear structure and reactions Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
T. Myo (OIT) Many-body resonances and continua in light unstable nuclei using the complex scaling method Slide
15:30-16:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
Y. Chiba (Hokkaido) Parity-asymmetric cluster structure and Isoscalar excitation of 28Si

Oct. 27

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: Y. Kanada-En'yo]
K. Hagino (Tohoku) Two-neutron decay of the 26O nucleus Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
Y. Jaganathen (MSU) Optimized Gamow Shell Model interaction in the psd-shell nuclei
15:30-16:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
J. Rotureau (MSU/ORNL) Towards optical potentials from coupled cluster theory Slide
Party is held in front of Panasonic Auditorium

Oct. 28

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: M. Ploszajczak]
D. Baye (Brussels) Continuum of Dirac equation with R-matrix method Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
G. Scamps (Tohoku) Dynamical description of fission Slide
14:00-15:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
T. Otsuka (Tokyo) Feshbach's doorway-state resonances, heavy-ion nucleon transfer reactions, and exotic nuclei
15:30-16:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
Y. Kanada-En'yo (Kyoto) Effects of clustering in dipole and monopole transitions Slide

Oct. 29

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: D. Baye]
H. Masui (KIT) Cluster-orbital shell model approach for unstable nuclei and the developments Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
K. Fossez (MSU) Existence of rotational states in the continuum Slide
15:30--Discussion meeting (Y206)

Oct. 30

9:30-10:30Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium) [Chair: K. Masui]
M. Kimura (Hokkaido) Electric dipole response of 26Ne and nature of pygmy resonance Slide
11:00-12:00Seminar (Panasonic Auditorium)
G. Papadimitriou (LLNL) Complex energy methods for structure and reactions Slide
15:30--Discussion meeting (Y206)