YITP long term workshop 2016

Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems
May 23 - June 24, 2016 
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University


      One Day Conference
Conference Date and Place
The one day conference will be held on June 9th at Panasonic Auditorium located in the 1st floor of Yukawa Hall (MAP1, MAP2) during the long term workshop ``Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems''.

Time Schedule, Speakers and Titles [Abstracts]

9:30--9:50 Joan Camps (Cambridge) Gravity duals of boundary cones [pdf]
9:50--10:10 Kento Watanabe (YITP, Kyoto) EPR Pairs, Local Projections and Quantum Teleportation in Holography [pdf]
10:10--10:30 Jie-qiang Wu (Peking) Holographic Entanglement Entropy For a General State in 2D CFT [pdf]
Short Break
11:00--11:20 Daniel Carney (UBC) Scattering with partial information [pdf]
11:20--11:40 Tsukiji Hidekazu (YITP, Kyoto) Thermalization process from chaoticity in Yang-Mills theory by use of the Husimi function [pdf]

Masahiko G. Yamada (ISSP, Tokyo)

Masaki Tezuka (Kyoto)
Design of Ru-based honeycomb metal-organic frameworks and JKΓ model [pdf]

Numerical study of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
Lunch Break
14:00--14:20 Domenico Orlando (Bern) Boundaries, Lattices and the Gravitational Anomaly [pdf]
14:20--14:40 Yuki Nakaguchi (Tokyo) A Holographic Proof of Renyi Entropic Inequalities [pdf]
14:40--15:00 Yoshiki Sato (Tokyo) Entanglement entropy in pseudo-Hermitian models [pdf]
Short Break
15:30--15:50 Masamichi Miyaji (YITP, Kyoto) Chaos from Information Metric [pdf]
15:50--16:10 Chen-te Ma (National Taiwan) Entanglement with Centers [pdf]
16:40--17:00 Kanato Goto (Tokyo) Causal Evolutions of Localized Excitations in AdS from large c CFT [pdf]