Workshop Schedule molecule-type workshop 
Cosmological Perturbation and Cosmic Microwave Background     
3/14 15:00 Discussion with Coffee     K102
3/15  10:30 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   11:00 Shinji  Mukohyama Status of Horava-Lifshitz gravity (40min+10) K102
   15:00 Discussion with Coffee     K102
3/16  10:30 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   11:00 David  Langlois  CMB non-Gaussianities from primordial isocurvature perturbations (40min+10) P. Hall
   15:00 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   16:00 Alexey  Starobinsky Non-perturbative predictions of stochastic inflation (40min+10) P. Hall
3/17  10:30 Discussion with Coffee       K102
   11:00 Masahide  Yamaguchi G-inflation (40min+10) P. Hall
   15:00 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   16:00 Tomo  Takahashi Scale dependence of non-Gaussianity (40min+10) P. Hall
3/18  10:30 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   11:00 Osamu  Seto Curvaton with a double well potential (40min+10) P. Hall
   15:00 Tea Party of the Institute     Salon in front of P. Hall
   15:30 Robert  Crittenden YITP colloquium (for non-experts)   P. Hall
   17:00 Kouji  Nakamura Construction of gauge-invariant variables for
 linear metric perturbation on general background spacetime
(40min+10) P. Hall
3/21  10:00 Shuntaro  Mizuno Primordial non-Gaussianity from the DBI Galileon (20min+5) P. Hall
   10:30 Antonio  De Felice Primordial non-Gaussianities in general modified gravitational models of inflation (20min+5) P. Hall
   11:00 Gianmassimo Tasinato Scale dependent local non-Gaussianity (20min+5) P. Hall
   11:30 Atsushi Naruko Conservation of the nonlinear curvature perturbation in generic single-field inflation (20min+5) P. Hall
   12:00 Lunch        
   13:30 Ivonne  Zavala Multifield Cosmology in Large Volume Scenarios (20min+5) P. Hall
   14:00 Dominic C. Galliano  Developing trispectrum estimators to measure non-Gaussianity in the Cosmic Microwave Background (20min+5) P. Hall
   14:30 Rampei  Kimura Evolution of cosmological perturbations in kinetic gravity braiding model (20min+5) P. Hall
   15:00 Coffee break     Salon in front of P. Hall
   15:30 Teruaki  Suyama Temporal enhancement of super-horizon curvature perturbation from decays of two curvatons and its cosmological implications (20min+5) P. Hall
   16:00 Guido Walter Pettinari Quantifying nonlinear contributions to the CMB bispectrum in Synchronous gauge (20min+5) P. Hall
   16:30 Kaiki  Inoue Evidence of super-structures in the cosmic microwave background and galaxy distribution (20min+5) P. Hall
   17:00 Frederico  Arroja On the role of the boundary terms for the non-Gaussianity in k-inflation (20min+5) P. Hall
3/22  10:30 Maresuke  Shiraishi CMB bispectrum generated from primordial magnetic fields (20min+5) P. Hall
   11:00 Shuichiro  Yokoyama Effect of kurtosis-type of primordial non-Gaussianity on halo mass function (20min+5) P. Hall
   11:30 Masaaki Watanabe The anisotropic inflation and its imprints on the CMB (20min+5) P. Hall
   12:00 Lunch        
   13:30 Hajime Goto The Gravitational Lensing Effect on the CMB
Polarisation Anisotropy in the Λ-LTB Model
(20min+5) P. Hall
   14:00 Gustavo Niz  Solving the Big Bang Singularity using String Theory (20min+5) P. Hall
   14:30 Alicia  Bueno Belloso  A parametrisation of the growth index in GR with a non-trivial vacuum energy and Fisher matrix analysis (20min+5) P. Hall
   15:00 Coffee break     Salon in front of P. Hall
   15:30 Kazuharu Bamba Future crossing of the phantom divide in $f(R)$ gravity (20min+5) P. Hall
   16:00 Chan-Gyung Park Constraints on a f(R) gravity dark energy model with early scaling evolution (20min+5) P. Hall
   16:30 Kohei Kamada Inflation from the supersymmetry breaking sector and reheating of the universe (20min+5) P. Hall
   18:00 Party       "Hokuto" Univ. Cafeteria(2F)
3/23  15:00 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   16:00 Yong-Seon  Song Extragalactic foregrounds from primary CMB anisotropy (40min+10) P. Hall
3/24  10:30 Discussion with Coffee     K102
   14:00 Robert  Crittenden Constraining Axions with AGN (40min+10) P. Hall
   15:00 Discussion with Coffee     K102
3/25  10:30 Discussion with Coffee     K102