Poster Award

安東 正樹Short-range gravity experiment
畔柳 竜生Large N reduced models from modern viewpoints
秦 重史Synchronization of Uncoupled Oscillators by Common Gamma Impulses, From Phase Locking to Noise-induced Synchronization
日高 義将Novel diagrammatic method for computing transport coefficients
池田 昌浩Structural Analysis of Turbulence-like flow in Counter Optimal Velocity Model
大川 博督High-velosity collision of two black holes
佐藤 大輔Spectral function of a fermion coupled with a massive vector boson at finite temperature
柴田 康介Toward addressing and imaging of neutral atoms with wavelength resolution
Kiki VierdayantiX-ray spectral variability in the ultraluminous X-ray source Holmberg IX X-1