Poster Award

郷田 創一郎Study of in-medium chiral condensate beyond linear density based on chiral perturbation theory in nuclear matter
Sandhaya KoiralaTemperature dependence of decay time due to excitons bound by oxygen vacancy in Cu2O
酒谷 雄峰Entropic formulation of relativistic continuum mechanics
松岡 広大Muon monitor in an accelerator neutrino experiment
佐藤 大輔Novel ultrasoft fermionic mode in QED/QCD plasma at high temperature
磯山 総一郎Back reaction effects on overcharging a static black hole by a charged particle
森津 学Xi-Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at J-PARC
金澤 輝代士Conditional Expectation and its application to stochastic Liouville equation
奥村 純 SN Ia Rate Dependence on Host Galaxy Properties in Subaru SXDS and Implications for Delay Time Distribution
西原 大志 Nonequilibrium fluctuation of photo-induced phase under steady light irradiation in the spin crossover complex