Poster Award

秦 重史Optimal phase response curves for stochastic synchronization of limit-cycle oscillators
服部 泰佑Spin-triplet superconductivity induced by ferromagnetic fluctuation in UCoGe
仏坂 健太Gravitational Waves as a Probe for Supernuclear-Density Matter
家 哲也NMR evidence of direct coupling between magnetic and superconducting order parameters in iron pnictide BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
中村 輝石NEWAGE - direction-sensitive dark matter search
佐野 友彦Three Dimensional Simulation of Granular Jet Scattering
髙田 智史Simulation of cohesive granular particles under a plane shear
高棹 真介Acceleration Mechanism of Chromospheric Jet on the Sun
植松 祐輝Effects of selective additive on volume phase transition in gels
横倉 祐貴A Model of Black Hole Evaporation