1足立 智Search for alpha condensed state in 20Ne
2阿南 徹Spectopolarimetric observation of solar jets over a active region at Paschen series of neutral hydrogen
3Muhammad Shahbaz AnwarSwitching of critical current of Nb/Ru/Sr2RuO4 topological junctions by chiral domain wall motion
4土居 孝寛Role of UV gluons for stringy excitation of hadrons in lattice QCD
5江口 学Pd-Pt substitution effect of the noncentrosymmetric superconductor Li2(Pd1-xPtx)3B
6藤岡 宏之Experimental study of $\eta'$ mesic nuclei at GSI and FAIR
7福丸 貴行Compton scattering measurements of fluid alkali metals
8不破 康裕Anisotropic Ferrite Focusing Magnet for Klystron
9郷田 創一郎Partial restoration of chiral symmetry and pion properties in nuclear medium
10原 秀明Towards Quantum Simulation using Ultracold Yb-Li Mixture in an Optical Lattice
11畠山 雄気Antiferromagnetic order induced by paramagnetic pair-breaking in strong-coupling model
12服部 泰佑Spin-triplet superconductivity induced by ferromagnetic fluctuation in UCoGe
13平木 貴宏Study of diamond detectors for muon monitor
14廣井 和雄The Second MAXI/GSC Source Catalog in the high-Galactic Latitude Sky
15廣田 誠子The Development of New Photo-Sensor for Hyper-Kamiokande Project
16人見 純司Investigation of superfluid 3He in networked confined geometry
17細谷 健一Angular dependence of antiferromagnetic ordering in high-field superconducting phase of CeCoIn5
18黄 坤賢Simulation of Interaction in Small Water Cerenkov detector Mizuche
19市原 輝一QCD phase diagram by using strong coupling lattice QCD including the fluctuation effects.
20市川 幸平AKARI IRC 2.5-5 um spectroscopy of infrared galaxies over a wide luminosity range
21市野 悠Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Deformable Self-Propelled Particles
22一岡 優里Local Density of States near Apical Oxygen Vacancies in Cuprate Superconductors
23池田 昌浩the kinetic theory of lane formation
24Takumi ImaiSoft SUSY-breaking scale in Supersymmetric Higgs inflation
25今城 想平The R&D of the UCN accelerator at MLF for neutron EDM experiment at J-PARC
26稲吉 恒平Pulsational instability of supergiant protostars
27井上 峻介Observations of pulse durations of fast electrons emitted from plasma produced by intense femtosecond laser pulses with autocorrelation technique
28入 亮介Dynamics of Turing patterns with delayed feedback control
29石川 敬視Systematics of Linear Growth Rate Measurement from Redshift Space Distortion using Halo 2D Power Spectrum Analysis.
30石野 雅也Recent physics results from LHC experiments
31磯山 総一郎The impact of the second order self-forces on the dephasing of the gravitational waves
32伊藤 良介Transport properties of quasi-particle of liquid 3He in aerogel
33岩室 史英Kyoto 3.8m telescope project
34家 哲也NMR study of in-plane anisotropy in single crystalline BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
35梶川 知宏Anomalous 1st Order Transition of Sr2RuO4 Revealed by the Magnetocaloric Effect
36上門 和彦Phonon Mode Effects on Chiral Critical Point
37紙谷 典和quantum transport under the influence of environmental noise
38金澤 輝代士Heat conduction induced by non-Gaussian athermal fluctuations
39柄沢 真太朗Variational approach to the inhomogeneous chiral phases in quark matter
40軽部 皓介27Al-NMR Study for critical phenomena of metamagnetic transition in UCoAl
41川室 太希Suzaku Observations of Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei NGC 1566 and NGC 4941
42金 秀明A method for inferring synaptic inputs
43木村 耕治Inelastic X-ray Scattering Study of Plasmons in Fluid Rb
44衣川 智弥Pop.III binary population synthesis
45北川 俊作Novel ferromagnetic quantum criticality in Ce(Ru1-xFex)PO
46小林 史治Systematic investigation of dineutron correlation in N=6 nuclei
47河野 俊輔Shape of nanobubbles on the substrate in molecular dynamics simulations
48Sandhaya KoiralaDetailed study of vacancy trapping and spin-flip transitions of paraexciton in cuprous oxide semiconductor
49眞榮田 義臣Extraction of black hole spin energy: dependence on initial magnetic field configurations
50真喜屋 龍Introduction of new star formation law into the cosmological galaxy formation model
51増田 孝彦Status of the engineering run of the KOTO experiment
52松田 冬樹Topological phases in one-dimentional quasicrystals
53松岡 佳大Development of the sub-MeV Gamma-ray Compton Camera for the Astronomical Obsevation with a Ballon
54三谷 昌平Filling factor dependences of the enhanced longitudinal resistance around ν=2/3 quantum Hall state.
55宮坂 泰弘Nonthermal ion emission from nanostructures on copper irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
56水上 雄太Changes in the superconducting order parameter in BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 induced by controlled impurity scattering by electron irradiation
57望月 泰博Relation between the cortical functions and neuronal firing irregularities, and its homology in different animals
58向井 佑Terahertz Electric Field Induced Tunnel Ionization of p-Ge
59村上 亮The Effect of Thermal Fluctuations on Collisions of Elastic Spheres
60村瀬 健太Quantum 3D Tensionless String in Light-cone Gauge
61村瀬 昌次Helical Nanofilament Arrangement and Chirality: Controlled by Nematic Order
62内藤 大地Evaluation of the performance of a Charged particle detector for KOTO experiment
63中川 大也Topological phases in periodically driven optical lattices
64中村 輝石NEWAGE - direction sensitive dark matter search
65中村 真Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions in AdS/CFT Correspondence
66中村 悠介Spin-orbit coupling using the ultranarrow optical transition of a quantum gas of Ytterbium atoms
67中島 真也Discovery of the over-ionized plasma in the south of the galactic center
68仲内 大翼Gamma Ray Bursts Raised by First Generation Stars and Their Prospected Soft Counterparts
69根本 文也Alignment and gliding of liquid crystal directors at the surface of amorphous polymers
70根本 孝裕Conjugate fields and corresponding modified systems for the activity in KCMs
71西尾 卓衛Towards the construction of optical Lieb lattice
72小笠原 敦Runaway, D term and R-symmetry Breaking
73大井 瑛仁The magnetic and velocity field structure of the sunspot chromosphere
74岡田 崇Plane-Wave Matrix Model and Exact Results
75大西 義人Non-equilibrium Carrier Relaxation Dynamics in Topological Insulators
76酒井 俊太郎The η’N interaction and bound state with a chiral effective theory
77榊原 由貴Inflation in bimetric gravity
78佐野 友彦Numerical Analysis of Granular Jet Impacts
79佐藤 芳紀Comments on Holographic Schwinger Effects
80佐藤 大輔Ultrasoft fermion mode at finite density
81澤野 達哉Circumpolar Balloon Flight for Astronomical/Geophysical Sub-MeV Gamma-ray Observation
82関 友宇Optical Trap System for QND Measurement of Collective Spin
83志達 めぐみOn the nature of the newly discovered black hole candidate MAXI J1305-704
84新城 一矢Dynamical DMRG Study of Spin Excitations in Disordered Spin-Peierls Systems
85篠北 啓介Photoluminescence Flash Induced by Intense Single-Cycle Terahertz Pulses in Undoped GaAs Quantum Wells
86新谷 俊了Detection limit for rate fluctuations in inhomogeneous Poisson processes
87塩崎 謙Topological responses of Z topological insulators and superconductors in three spatial dimensions
88下出 敦夫Thermal Responses Formulated by Non-Equilibrium Green Functions
89設楽 恭平Controlling the Dynamics of a Localized Domain in an Excitable Reaction-Diffusion System by a Time-Delayed Feedback
90想田 光Efficiency Enhancement of Indirect Transverse Laser Cooling with Synchro-Betatron Resonant Coupling by Suppression of Beam Intensity
91菅原 隆介The origin of strong and broadening Cr, Mn, Ni lines from SNR 3C 397
92杉本 高大Spin Dynamics and Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering in Chromium with Commensurate Spin-Density Wave Order
93杉村 和幸Spatially localized non-Gaussianity from bubble nucleation in the inflationary era
94杉下 宗太郎On the Propagators in Nonstationary Spacetimes
95住吉 浩明Thermal Hall effect in two-dimmensional topological superconductors
96鈴木 良拓Analysis of higher dimensional black holes in the large D expansion
97高畠 芙弥Mode bifurcation on a motion of a self-migrating oil droplet induced by visible laser light
98髙田 智史Pattern dynamics of cohesive granular particles under a plane shear
99高江 恭平Mesoscopic Heterogeneity and large response to external fields in Glassy Ferroelectric Crystals
100高木 健太郎Numerical simulation of Standing Solitary Waves with phase-field method
101髙橋 将太The Performance of Small Water Cherenkov Detecter
102高橋 卓也Prominence oscillation and compression as evidence of shock nature of globally propagated EUV wave
103高棹 真介Observational Study on Relation between Plasmoid Activities and Particle Acceleration
104高須 洋介High resolution photoassociation spectroscopy of ultra-cold Yb atoms for testing the square inverse law of the gravity
105竹中 裕斗Topological phase transition in a correlated Bernevig-Hughes-Zhang model
106玉澤 春史The Relation between the Filament Eruption and Moreton Wave in the Sun
107谷 峻太郎Non-equilibrium thermodynamics study in graphene using intense THz pulse
108谷口 晴香Uniaxial pressure study on ruthenate
109多羅間 充輔An active soft particle with a spontaneous spinning motion
110寺田 裕Two populations of phase oscillators with different distributions of natural frequencies
111手塚 真樹Effect of power-law hopping on the superfluid correlation of one-dimensional atomic gases
112利根川 翔Giant Nernst effect of URu2Si2 in the hidden ordered state
113津田 是文Resistance Enhancement in the ν = 2/3 Quantum Hall State
114内田 裕之Asymmetric Ejecta Distribution in SN 1006
115内田 隆之Field induced nematic wetting on the spherical colloid surface
116上田 宏史QCD phase diagram at finite baryon and isospin chemical potentials in PQM model with vector interaction
117上田 仁彦Thermodynamics of spin glass including computationally hard operations
118上田 克A theoretical study of a topological-insulator/Mott-insulator hetrostructure
119植松 祐輝Electro-osmotic flow of semi-dilute polyelectrolyte solution
120渡邉 航太Non-Markovian Analysis of Qunatum Pump by Quantum Master Equation Approach
121渡邉 俊介Search of magnetic Feshbach resonance between 1S0 and 3P2 state in ultracold fermions 171Yb
122Jonathan WhiteCurvature perturbation in multi-field inflation with non-minimal coupling
123山田 雅子ToF-lens for focusing pulsed white neutron beam using permanent magnet sextupole with modulation capability
124山本 暁久Direct measurement of single soft lipid nanotubes: Nanoscale information extracted in a noninvasive manner
125山本 隆太Towards a Next-Generation Quantum Simulator : Quantum Gas Microscope of Ytterbium atoms in an Optical Lattice
126山中 貞人Nonequilibrium dynamics of self-propelled particles with density dependent motility
127山中 隆義Guest ion dependence of rattling in cage-structured compounds AxV2Al20(Ax = Ga0.2, Ga0.5, Al0.3, La1)
128山岡 義史Micro Bridges of Sr2RuO4 ~ Towards Realization of Half-Quantum Fluxoid ~
129八隅 真人Suzaku observations of SNR G349.7+0.2 and G350.1-0.3
130横倉 祐貴The Mechanism of Black Hole Evaporation
131吉井 涼輔Non-equilibrium geometrical pumping in quantum dot
132義川 達人YSO search with polarimetric observations across the Central Molecular Zone
133吉岡 潤Novel mesophase in the region between cholesteric and perforated lamellar nematic phase
134章 穎理Hawking-Moss instanton in nonlinear massive gravity