青井順一Can We Probe the Lorentz Factor of Gamma-ray Bursts from GeV-TeV Spectra Integrated Over Internal Shocks?
青木隆朗Nanoscale Quantum Electronics
阿南徹Developments of Mueller Matrix SpectroPolarimeter
荒木元Electric conduction in molecular dynamics simulation of non-degenerate 2D electrons system in point-contact device
池田昌浩Lane formation and instability in the model of counter driven particles with anisotropic dissipation
磯部直樹MAXI detection of the brightest X-ray flares from the BL Lacertae object Mrk 421.
磯山総一郎Back reaction effects on overcharging a static black hole by a charged particle
市川幸平X-ray and Mid-Infrared Connection of AGNs: Cross Correlation of Swift/BAT and AKARI ALL Sky Survey Catalogs
市野悠Collective Dynamics of Deformable Self-Propelled Particles
井上峻介Electron Microscopic Study for Intense Femtosedond Laser Plasma Interactions
井上芳幸Probing the Early Cosmic Star Formation History with High Redshift Gamma-ray Objects in the Fermi and CTA Era
井上遼太郎Quantum Control of Atomic Collective Spin State
今城想平The R&D of the Doppler-shifter for ultracold neutron production
入谷匠Instantaneous interquark potential analysis in generalized Landau gauge: a possible gauge for quark potential model
岩城智Development of a Read-Out System Using CMOS ASICs for the μ-PIC
上田宏史Phase diagram of asymmetric nuclear matter in extended PQM model
植竹智Collisional properties of metastable ytterbium atoms
植松祐輝Solvation effects in volume phase transition of polyelectrolyte gels
江口学Basic Characterization of Noncentrosymmetric Tetragonal Superconductors
大川博督Scattering of black holes in 5-dimension
大島誠人Photometoric observations of various cataclysmic variables
大谷一人Proton acceleration from a metal spot-CH foil with an intense femtosecond laser
大西隆雄X-Ray Spectrum of a Peculiar Supernova Remnant G359.1-0.5
大橋勢樹Gravitational collapse in lovelock gravity
大橋圭介On a Moduli Space Metric of Non-Abelian Vortices
近江崇宏Optimal Observation Time Window for Forecasting the Next Earthquake
岡村敦史Search for K-pp bound state via d(pi+,K+) reaction in J-PARC
奥村純SN Ia Rate Dependence on Host Galaxy Properties in Subaru SXDS and Implications for Delay Time Distribution
尾上わか奈Simultaneous Measurement of Torsional oscillator and NMR of extremely diluted 3He in solid 4He
樫山和己Magnetar asteroseismology with long-term gravitational wave analyses
加藤真也High-resolution spectroscopy of an atomic Mott insulator
金澤輝代士Conditional Expectation and its application to stochastic Liouville equation
金本真知Order parameter distribution and dynamics in superfluid 3He
株木重人Development of Three-Dimensinal Reconstruction Method For an Electron-Tracking Compoton Camera For Medical Physics
上門和彦Functional renormalization group aproach to finite temperature O(N) scalar model
河崎直樹Neutron Collar Counter for KOTO Experiment
川手朋子Observational study of particle acceleration in solar flare
北川俊作NMR Studies on Iron-Pnictides with '1111' structure
木村耕治Compton scattering measurements of group 14 elements in the liquid state
久徳浩太郎Gravitational waves from spinning black hole-neutron star binaries
金秀明How can the animal's brain detect changes in the environment?
黒澤俊介Development of a Gaseous Electron-Tracking Compton Imaging Camera Using LaBr3:Ce Scintillator and Its Application to Proton Therapy
郷田創一郎Study of in-medium chiral condensate beyond linear density based on chiral perturbation theory in nuclear matter
高麗雄介QFT in de Sitter spacetime
小林史治A new approach to investigate dineutron correlation in deformed nuclei
齊藤国靖Weakly nonlinear analysis of sheared granular flow
酒井学Inflation in Gauge Mediation and Gravitino Dark Matter
酒谷雄峰Entropic formulation of relativistic continuum mechanics
佐合紀親Post-geodesic effects induced by the gravitational self-force in Schwarzschild spacetime
佐藤弘一Microscopic approach to large-amplitude collective dynamics in shape coexistence/mixing phenomena
佐藤真希Slow-roll Inflation with the Gauss-Bonnet and Chern-Simons Corrections
佐藤大輔Novel ultrasoft fermionic mode in QED/QCD plasma at high temperature
澤田真理Suzaku Spectroscopic Survey of Recombining Plasma in Supernove Remnants --- W44 and W28
澤野達哉Development of Compton Telescope Based on an Electron-Tracking Gaseous TPC and a Scintillation Camera for a Balloon-Borne Experiment
志達めぐみX-ray and Near-Infrared Observations of Black Hole Candidate GX 339-4 with Suzaku and IRSF
設楽恭平Deformable self-propelled domain in an exitable reaction-difusion system in three dimensions
篠北啓介Nonlinear Terahertz Response of Semiconductor GaAs
柴田康介Single Site Addressing in an Optical Lattice with Optical Magnetic Resonance Imaging using an Ultra-Narrow Optical Transition
下川直史Phase separation in charged lipid bilayer membranes between solutions having different ionic strengths
素川靖司Interaction and Filling Induced Quantum Phases of Dual Mott Insulators of Bosons and Fermions
杉本貴則Spin Excitation and Phonon Effect for Frustrated Spin-Peierls Model
須原唯広Cluster structures of excited states in $^{14}$C
関原隆泰What is the structure of the Lambda(1405) resonance?
田家慎太郎Ultracold Atomic Fermi Gases with Enlarged Spin Symmetries
高江恭平Phase Separation Kinetics in Weakly Ionized Polyelectrolyte Solutions
高須洋介Observation of subradiant molecules
高橋智洋Catastrophic Instability of Small Lovelock Black Holes
高畠芙弥Spontaneous motion of a solid/liquid composite: symmetry breaking and mode bifurcation
高本亮The Saturation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability during the nuetron star merger
滝澤寛Detection of continuous marked down flows on magnetic neutral line in beta-gamma-delta type active region NOAA9957
田崎文得Suzaku Observations of Narrow-Line Radio Galaxies (3C 403 and IC 5063)
多田靖啓Study of Superconductivity near Quantum Criticality
田中佑輔NMR/MRI study of superfluid 3He in aerogel
田辺健太朗Asymptotic structure at timelike infinity
玉澤春史Modeling of Moreton Wave on 2010/2/7
谷峻太郎Enhancement of carrier scattering rate near the Mott density in the photo-excited semiconductor
谷口晴香Inducing superconductivity in the Mott insulator Ca2RuO4
津田是文Relaxation of nuclear spins on ν=2/3 quantum Hall State in double quantum well
鄭仰東Excited States of Spins and Pseudospins in the ν=2/3 Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems
戸田亮Influence of inhomogeneous distribution of 3He on NCRI response of solid 4He
内藤大地Development of charged veto detector for KOTO experiment
中井祐介NMR Investigation on Iron-Based Superconductors: Interplay between Magnetism and Superconductivity
中島真也Development of the new imaging spectrometer with Silicon-On-Insulator CMOS technology for X-ray Astronomy
中島淳M87 Nucleus Observed with the Integral Field Spectrograph Mode of Kyoto3DII
仲田光樹Magnon current and magnon pumping
永田伸一Photospheric vector magnetic field measurement with tandem Fabry-Perot filters
中野嵩士QCD Phase Diagram based on Strong Coupling Lattice QCD
中村真Non-equilibrium Steady States in AdS/CFT: a derivation of negative differential resistivity from string theory and black holes
中村惇平Small angle X-ray scattering of liquid Se92Tl8 mixture using synchrotron radiation
中村悠介Quantum Zeno Effect in Optical Lattices
中村壮智Superconducting properties of Pn/Ru/Sr2RuO4 topological junctions in the small magnetic fields
並木亮Quantum limit of the phase-insensitive linear amplification in a practical framework
成子篤The evolution of curvature perturbation
新納悠Revisiting Metallicity of Long GRB Host Galaxies: The Role of Chemical Inhomogeneities in Galaxies
西中川良平Preparation of Graphene Nanoribbon Samples
西原大志Nonequilibrium fluctuation of photo-induced phase under steady light irradiation in the spin crossover complex
根本文也The mixing effect on the nematic director alignment in an amphiphilic ionic liquid and a thermotropic liquid crystal
野田数人Many-body effects in a Bose-Fermi mixture in optical lattices
信川正順Study of X-ray Emission from the Giant Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center Region
野村英子Chemical Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks
橋本顕一郎Quasiparticle excitation in iron-based superconductors investigated by magnetic penetration depth measurements
秦重史Stochastic Phase Reduction of Chaotic Oscillators
蜂矢真弘FFLO state without magnetic field in unconventional superconducting films
服部泰佑NMR / NQR study on Ferromagnetic Superconductor UCoGe
早崎公威Radiatively inefficient accretion flows induced by gravitational-wave emission before massive black hole coalescence
原秀明Realization of quantum degenerate mixture of Li-Yb atoms
日高義将Quarkyonic chiral spirals
樋村隆弘Impurity scattering effect in tilted Dirac fermion system
平岩徹也Dynamics of a deformable self-propelled particle
廣井和雄MAXI/GSC First Source Catalog in the Extragalactic Sky
福川賢治nd low-energy elastic scatteing by the quark-model baryon-baryon interaction fss2
藤岡宏之R&D of Compact Neutron Source with Proton Linac
仏坂健太Merger of Binary Neutron Stars : Dependece on Equarion of State
前田陽祐photon energy measurement of the neutral beam for KL-->pi0nunubar search in J-PARC KOTO experiment
前田悟志Generation of the magnetic fields from non-adiabatic perturbations
前原裕之CSS100603:112253-111037: A New SU UMa-type Dwarf Nova Below the Period Minimum
真喜屋龍Contribution from star-forming galaxies to the extragalaxtic gamma-ray background
松岡広大Muon monitor in an accelerator neutrino experiment
松林和也Spatially Resolved Spectroscopic Observations of a Possible E+A Progenitor SDSS J160241.00+521426.9
松本仁A Possible Origin of Intermittent Outflow from Newly-born Magnetars during Massive Stellar Core-collapse
水田敦Inertial Range in Two-Dimensional Inverse Energy Cascade Turbulence
光藤哲也The Numerical Estimation of the Current Large Deviation Function in the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with Open Boundary Conditions
南佑樹Critical dynamics near QCD critical point based on dynamic renormarization group theory
村瀬昌次B4 phase formation coupled with nematic order
森田英俊Spatio-temporal pattern in conservative dynamical systems
森津学Xi-Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at J-PARC
矢部清人NIR Spectroscopy of star-forming galaxies at z=1-2 with Subaru/FMOS
山内智Manifesting diverse firing patterns and reproducing precise firing times
山内大介Weak lensing of CMB from cosmic (super-)strings
山岡義史Toward realization of Fermi degenerate mixture of 173Yb and 6Li atoms
山崎歴舟Optical Control of Interatomic Interaction in the Cold Atom Quantum Simulator
山田裕貴High resolution photoassociation spectroscopy of ultra-cold Yb atoms for testing the square inverse law of the gravity
山田雅子Development of compact ToF-SANS with focusing lens and very cold neutrons
山田康博Crossed Andreev transport through a quantum dot
山本新Lattice QCD analysis via the energy-momentum component of gluons
山本隆太Towards constructing a 2D atom system with single-site addressability
山本暁久Direct observation of fluctuational motion of a single phospholipid micro-tube
吉岡潤Chirality and Perforated Lamellar-Nematic phase
吉岡直樹Phase transiton for peristaltic transport of frictionless granular particles
義川達人YSO search in the Galactic Center with polarimetric observations
義積広幸Effect of Inter-layer interaction in nonequivalent system
米澤進吾Thermodynamic investigation of the superconducting gap structure in a quasi-one-dimensional system
劉周強Development of Pixel Detector with the SOI CMOS Technology
Flachi AntoninoChiral Modulations in Curved spacetime
Hillier AndrewPartially Ionised Reconnection in the Kippenhahn-Schluter Prominence Model
KOIRALA SANDHAYATemperature dependence of decay time due to excitons bound by oxygen vacancy in Cu2O
Litchfield PhillipT2K near detector status
MARTINEZ TORRESALBERTOFew-body systems made of kaons
Nguyen Minh HaiNuclear spin dynamics on single-layer ν=2/3 and double-layer ν=4/3 Quantum Hall states
Saeed MuhammadImproving the detection sensitivity of dark-matter axion search with a Rydberg-atom single-photon detector
Schramm MalteOn the Evolution of the BH mass-Bulge mass relation of X-ray selected AGN host galaxies in the ECDFS