YITP long term workshop 2016

Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems
May 23 - June 24, 2016 
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University



For participants in Long Term Workshop

Please read the information in this document [PDF] for a guide when you arrive in YITP.

Participants List

Participants List is here [PDF].

Workshop Place

Panasonic Auditorium located in the 1st floor of Yukawa Hall (MAP1, MAP2)

Current Plan of Workshop Schedule

[1st Week] (Lectures and Seminars)

B. Czech (Stanford): The geometry of entanglement and holography [Lecture Note written by M. Nozaki]
K. Fujii (Tokyo): Quantum Error Corrections [Fujii's Lecture Note]
J. Oppenheim (U. College London) : Entanglement Theory [Syllabus] [Lecture Note written by M. Nozaki]
E. Tonni (SISSA): Entanglement in QFTs [Tonni's Lecture Note]
Y. Watanabe (YITP Kyoto): Quantum Estimation Theory [Lecture Note written by M. Nozaki]

May 23:  11:00-12:30 Tonni         14:00-15;30 Czech      17:30- Reception
May 24:  11:00-12:30 Oppenheim      14:00-15:30 Watanabe   16:00-17:00 Watanabe
May 25:  11:00-12:30 Oppenheim      14:00-15:30 Oppenheim 16:00-17:00  P. Basu [Info]
May 26:  11:00-12:30 Tonni         14:30-15:30  D. Feder [pdf] [Info]
May 27:  11:00-12:30 Czech         14:00-15:30 Fujii      16:00-17:00 Fujii

Coffee Break: 15:30-16:00 every day in 1st week

[2nd Week] (Lectures and 4 Day Conference)

May 30:
11:00-12:30 D. Harlow: Lecture on General Quantum Erasure Correction [Lecture Note written by M. Nozaki]
14:00-15:30 B. Yoshida: Lecture on Holographic Quantum Error-Correcting Code [pdf] [basic]

May 31-June 3: 4 Day Conference ``Holography and Quantum Information'' [HP][Program]

[3rd Week] (Seminars and One day conference)

June 6:  11:00-12:00 S. Hartnoll [pdf] [Info]      14:00-15:00 J. Bhattacharya [pdf] [Info]
June 7:  11:00-12:00 S. Ramgoolam [pdf] [Info]    14:00-15:00  P. Phillips [pdf] [Info]
June 8:  11:00-12:00 E. Lopez [pdf] [Info]       14:00-15:00  M. Mezei [pdf] [Info]

June 9:  9:30-17:20  One Day Conference [HP]
June 10: 11:30-12:30 A. Belin [Info] 14:00-15:00  M. Hanada [pdf] [Info]

Coffee Break: 15:00-15:30 every day in 3rd week

[4th Week] (YKIS conference)

June 13-17: YKIS 2016 conference ``Quantum Matter, Spacetime and Information'' [HP]

[5th Week] (Seminars)

June 20: Simons collaboration meeting (9:30-)
June 21: Simons collaboration meeting (9:30-)
June 22: Simons collaboration meeting (9:30-)  15:30-16:30 YITP colloquium by Robert Myers [HP]
June 23: 10:00-11:00 B. Chen [pdf] [Info]     11:15-12:15 D. Roberts/B. Yoshida [Info]
       14:00-15:00 M. Heller [Info]
June 24: 10:00-11:00  G. Evenbly [pdf] [Info]   11:15-12:15 V. Balasubramanian [Info]

Coffee Break: 15:00-15:30 every day in 5th week