Unofficial mirror page of 16th CAPRA meetings

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Abraham Harte (AEI Potsdam)

[pdf] Self-interaction and extended bodies

Adam Pound (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Second-order self-force: results and prospects

Jonathan Gair (IoA, Cambridge)

[pdf] Prospects for extreme-mass-ratio inspiral detection

Niels Warburton (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Orbital evolution with the self-force: progress and challenges

Sam Dolan (University of Sheffield)

[pdf] Approaches to self-force calculations on Kerr

Anna Heffernan (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Regularization of the self-force: applications to Kerr spacetime and accelerated motion

Barak Kol (Hebrew University)

[pdf] Self-force from equivalent periodic sources

Barry Wardell (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Effective source self-force calculations in the frequency domain

Bernard F. Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] Reflections on evolving Capra

Brien. Nolan (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Singularity structure of the retarded Green function in Schwarzschild spacetime from large- \ell asymptotics

Cesar Merlin (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Gravitational self-force from curvature scalars in a locally-deformed radiation gauge

Chad Galley (Caltech)

[pdf] Gravitational self-force in the ultra-relativistic regime

Dmitry Gal'tsov (Moscow State University)

[pdf] Gravitational radiation reaction at ultrahigh energies

Erik Forseth (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Direct Integration of the Lorenz Gauge Equations in the Frequency Domain: Unconstrained Approach to the EHS Method

Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana University)

[pdf] Scalar self-force for highly eccentric orbits in Kerr spacetime

Maarten van de Meent (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Resonances in orbital dynamics

Marc Casals (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Self-force in Schwarzschild space-time via the method of matched expansions

Patrick Nolan (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Electromagnetic and gravitational self-force calculations in Schwarzschild spacetime

Patxi Ritter (Universite d'Orleans)

[pdf] I. Numerical method for generic orbits. II. Radial fall evolution

Piter Diener (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] Self-force loops

Piter Zimmerman (University of Guelph)

[pdf] Combining the Gravitational and Scalar Self-forces

Priscilla Canizares (Institute of Astronomy. Cambridge University)

[pdf] Osculating Evolution to Model EMRI Resonances

Seth Hopper (AEI)

[pdf] Eccentric bound motion on Schwarzschild: Self-force in a modified Regge-Wheeler gauge

Shahar Hadar (Hebrew University)

[pdf] A theory of post-Newtonian radiation and reaction

Thomas Osburn (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Direct Integration of Lorenz Gauge Equations in the Frequency Domain: Fully Constrained EHS Method

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