Unofficial mirror page of 22nd CAPRA meeting

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Andrea Antonelli (AEI)

[pdf] A non-spinning effective-one-body Hamiltonian for small-mass-ratio binaries in a quasi-circular orbit

David Quispe Aruquipa (CBPF)

[pdf] A naive attempt to calculate the metric perturbation in the Regge-Wheeler gauge

Leor Barack (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Self-force effects in the marginally bound zoom-whirl orbit

Beatrice Bonga (Perimeter Institute)

[pdf] Tidal resonances in EMRIs

Richard Brito (University of Rome)

[pdf] Discovering new physics with LISA and EMRIs

Alvin Chua (JPL-Caltech)

[pdf] EMRI kludges: What they are, why they're important, and how to end them

Samuel Cupp (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] Progress in self-consistent evolution with a time domain gravitational self-force code

Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] Towards the Self-consistent Evolution of a Scalar Charge Around a Schwarzschild Black Hole (Yet Again)

Edgardo Franzin (Universitat de Barcelona)

[pdf] Recent results on tidal deformability of black holes

Scott A Hughes (MIT)

[pdf] "Fairly fast" adiabatic EMRI waveforms

Chris Kavanagh (AEI)

[pdf] Dissipative self-force with a spinning secondary: `Flux-balance laws'

Alexandre Le Tiec (Observatoire de Paris)

[pdf] Probing the vicinity of the Galactic Center black hole with LISA

Luis F. Longo Micchi (UFABC)

[pdf] Spectroscopy of extremal and near-extremal Kerr black holes

Cassio Marinho (UBPF)

[pdf] Quasinormal Modes of Rotating Black Holes in a de Sitter Universe

Christopher Munna (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Eccentric orbit EMRIs: Informing the PN expansion through black hole perturbation theory and multipole moment analysis

Thomas Osburn (State University of New York)

[pdf] Using self-force results to test kludge vs. Teukolaksy waveforms for eccentric EMRIs

Conor O'Toole (UCD)

[pdf] Time Domain Method for the Green Function in Schwarzschild Spacetime

Adam Pound (University of Southampton) and Nils Warburton (UCD)

[pdf] A practical guide to second-order self-force calculations

Paul Ramond (Observatoire de Paris)

[pdf] First law of mechanics for quadrupolar compact objects

Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto University)

[pdf] Hamiltonian formulation for EMRIs

Justin Vines (AEI)

[pdf] Black hole scattering in post-Minkowskian (classical and quantum) gravity

Vojtech Witzany (AEI)

[pdf] Influence of secondary spin in EMRIs

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