Oral Sessions: Yukawa Hall 3F conference room
Poster Session: The front hall of the new YITP building

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(E) - English sessions
* - invited talks including review

Aug. 19 (Fri)

Session 1 (E) (13:40-15:15) Click the button for the abstract
A. Linde Stanford Inflation in Stringy Landscape* (55min) [slides]
K. Furuta RIKEN Locality and Evolution of Cosmological Fluctuation (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 2 (E) (15:40-16:55)
A. Tsuchiya Osaka Fermion Phase Space and Complex Matrix Model for Bubbling AdS Geometries (40min)
N. Kim Kyung Hee AdS3 Solutions of IIB Supergravity (20min)

----- Break ( 20 min ) -----
Session 3 (17:50-18:30)
K. Ohashi TIT Global Structure of Moduli Space for BPS Walls (20min)
M. Eto TIT Worldwide Wall Web (20min)
S. Ichinose Shizuoka SUSY and GAUGE Ward-Takahashi Identities on Background Fields (20min)

Aug. 20 (Sat)

Session 1 (E) (9:00-10:35) Click the button for the abstract
R. Kallosh Stanford String Cosmology and the Index of the Dirac Operator* (55min) [slides]
Y. Hikida KEK D-branes in Big Bang/Big Crunch Universes (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 2 (E) (11:00-12:40)
G. W. Semenoff British Columbia Nonplanar Yang-Mills vs Light-cone String Field Theory: Testing AdS/CFT for String Loops (40min)
Y. Takayama Osaka Integrability and Higher Loops in AdS/dCFT Correspondence (20min)
H. Shimada YITP Towards Construction of IKKT Matrix Model on AdS5 x S5 background (20min)

----- Lunch ( 80 min ) -----
Session 3 (14:00-15:15)
A. Miwa Kyoto BMN Operators from Wilson Loop (20min)
T. Nagasawa Kobe Supersymmetry in Gauge Theories with Extra Dimensions (20min)
T. Sakai Ibaraki QCD and Strings (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 4 (15:40-16:55)
T. Azuma KEK Dynamical Generation of Gauge Groups in the Massive Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons Matrix Model (20min)
H. Kaneko KEK Stability of Fuzzy CP2 in IIB Matrix Models (20min)
S. Terashima Rutgers Noncommutativity and Tachyon Condensation (20min)

----- Break ( 20 min ) -----
Session 5 (17:15-18:30)
K. Hasebe YITP Supersymmetric Quantum Hall Effect (20min)
K. Nagata Hokkaido N=D=2 Twisted Super Yang-Mills on a Lattice (20min)
T. Shinohara Chiba Yang-Mills Theory Constructed from Cho-Faddeev-Niemi Decomposition (1) (20min)

Aug. 21 (Sun)

Session 1 (9:00-10:20) Click the button for the abstract
Y. Kazama Tokyo Covariant Quantization of Superbranes (40min)
H. Okagawa Nagoya Wrapped Supermembrane on Vanishing 2-Torus (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 2 (10:45-12:30)
S. Moriyama Nagoya Boundary and Midpoint Behaviors of Lump Solutions in Vacuum String Field Theory (20min)
S. Zeze YITP Twist Symmetry and Classical Solutions in String Field Theory (20min)
I. Kishimoto KEK Marginal Deformations and Classical Solutions in Open Superstring Field Theory (20min)
T. Suyama Kyoto Tachyons in Compact Spaces (20min)

----- Lunch ( 90 min ) -----
Session 3 (14:00-15:55)
Y. Imamura Tokyo Twistors and Perturbative QCD* (55min) [slides(PDF/PPT)]
S. Seki Kyoto Gauged Linear Sigma Model on Supermanifold (20min)
Poster short talks (1 min x 12)

----- Break ( 20 min ) -----
Poster Session (16:15-18:00) --- at the front hall of the new YITP building
Y. Aisaka Tokyo Origin of Pure Spinor Superstring
M. Irisawa TMU Noncommutative Geometry and Drinfel'd Twisted Symmetries
F. Katsumata Nara Joshi Exploring Vacuum Manifold of Open String Field Theory
H. Kihara OCU Scalar Laplacian on Sasaki-Einstein Manifolds Yp,q
J. Saito Hokkaido Superspace Formulation of N=4 Twisted Super Yang-Mills Theory with a Central Charge
S. Sasaki TMU N=1/2 Supersymmetric Four-Dimensional Non-Linear Sigma-Models From Non-Anti-Commutative Superspace
K. Sato TUS New Formulation of Massive Spin Two Field Theory --- Solution of vDVZ Discontinuity Problem
T. Murakami Chiba Yand-Mills theory constructed From Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition (2)
K. Nagao Ibaraki Perturbative versus Nonperturbative Dynamics of the Fuzzy S2*S2
M. Hanada Kyoto Diffeomorphism and Local Lorentz Invariance of Matrix Model
K. Hotta KEK Some Solutions of Gravitational Equation coupled with Non-BPS D9-branes
Y. Matsuo Kyoto Nonperturbative Effect in c=1 Noncritical String at Self-dual Radius

Aug. 22 (Mon)

Session 1 (9:00-10:35) Click the button for the abstract
K. Ohta RIKEN BPS State Counting and Related Physics* (55min) [slides]
S. Matsuura RIKEN Localization on D-brane and Gauge theory/Matrix model (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 2 (11:00-12:20)
Y. Noma Osaka Gravitational Quantum Foam and Supersymmetric Gauge Theory (20min)
N. Ikeda Ritsumei Generalized Complex Structure and Topological Field Theory (20min)
T. Araki Tohoku Deformed Instantons in N=1/2 Super Yang-Mills Theory from the Super ADHM Construction (20min)

----- Lunch ( 100 min ) -----
Session 3 (14:00-15:15)
K. Araki Chuo Certain Non-renormalization Property of SUSY Field Theories on Noncommutative Superspace (20min)
Y. Kobayashi TMU Deformed Wess-Zumino Model on the Noncommutative Space with Grassman Number parameters (20min)
A. Sako Keio N.C.Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and their Unified perspective (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 4 (15:40-16:55)
N. Yokoi Pisa Dynamics of Supersymmetric USp(2n) Gauge Theory on Almost Conformal Vacua (20min)
Y. Ookouchi Tokyo Higgsin and Mesonic deformation of ADE type RG fixed points (20min)
M. Sakaguchi OIQP Vacua of N=2 U(N) Gauge Model in Harmonic Superspace (20min)

----- Break ( 20 min ) -----
Session 5 (17:15-18:30)
K. Takahashi Kyoto Flavor Structure and Coupling Selection Rule from Intersecting D-branes (20min)
K. Takenaga Osaka Gauge-Higgs unification at finite temperature (20min)
T. Sakaguchi Kyushu Auxiliary Field Method in a Quantum Mechanical Four-Fermi Model (20min)

Aug. 23 (Tue)

Session 1 (9:00-10:35) Click the button for the abstract
M. Kato Tokyo SLE and CFT* (55min) [slides]
Y. Quano Suzuka Form Factors and Vertex Operators in the Eight-Vertex Model at Reflectionless Points (20min)

----- Break ( 25 min ) -----
Session 2 (11:00-12:40)
H. Irie Kyoto D-instanton Calculus in (p,p+1) Minimal String Theory (20min)
A. Yamaguchi KEK On the Chemical Potential of D-instantons in c=0 Noncritical String Theory (20min)
T. Hirayama Toronto Classical Simulation of Quantum Fields (20min)
N. Nakanishi RIMS False Gravitational Anomalies (20min)