YITP workshop on

Recent Developments in
Quantum Physics of Black Holes 2023

April 3–7, 2023
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University


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Plenary Talks

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Andreas Blommaert(SISSA & INFN)Lorentzian wormholes
Pierre Heidmann(Johns Hopkins)Geometric Resolution of Schwarzschild Horizon
Daniel Kabat(CUNY)A prescription for entanglement in field theory and gravity
David Kutasov(Chicago)On black holes in string theory
Hong Liu(MIT)Emergence of space and time in holography
Emil Martinec(Chicago)String spectrum and dynamics in AdS_3 backgrounds
Rodolfo Russo(QMUL)Black hole signatures in holographic correlators
Kotaro Tamaoka(Nihon U)Some candidates of atypical black hole microstates
Nicholas Warner(CEA Saclay & USC)Black-Hole Microstructure in String Theory

Short Talks

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Takanori Anegawa(Osaka U)Shockwave and Complexity in dS_3
Iosif Bena(CEA Saclay)The amazing super-maze
Dongsheng Ge(Osaka U)Entanglement and geometry from subalgebras of the Virasoro algebra
Masanori Hanada(Surrey U)Holographic geometry from matrix degrees of freedom
Jonathan Harper(YITP Kyoto)Timelike entanglement entropy
Masamichi Miyaji(Nagoya U)Random State and Hawking Radiation
Sunil Kumar Sake(Osaka U)Sparse RMT and Sparse SYK
Ryo Suzuki(Southeast U, China)Tensionless limit of AdS3/CFT2
Masaki Tezuka(Kyoto U)Hayden-Preskill Recovery in Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev type models and spin chains
Nicolò Zenoni(Osaka U)Evolution of holographic complexity in (hybrid) dS

Short talks program

13:00  Dongsheng Ge
13:15Masanori Hanada
13:30Jonathan Harper
13:45Masamichi Miyaji
14:00Sunil Kumar Sake
14:45Ryo Suzuki
15:00Masaki Tezuka
15:15Nicolò Zenoni
15:30Takanori Anegawa
15:45Iosif Bena