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Robert M. Wald (The University of Chicago )

[pdf] Introduction to self-force
[pdf] A Rigorous Derivation of ElectromagneticSelf-Force

Steven Detweiler (University of Florida)

[pdf] Elementary introduction to the gravitational self force
[pdf] Second order self-force or Numerical relativity meets the self-force

Leor Barack (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Self force in black-hole spacetimes calculation methods and status

Alexandre Le Tiec (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)

[pdf] Post-Newtonian calculation of the gravitational self-force for black hole binaries

Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana University)

[pdf] Self-Force for a Scalar Particle in Schwarzschild Spacetime: Time-Domain Calculations with Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Mark Berndtson (University of Colorado)

[pdf] Harmonic Gauge Perturbations of the Schwarzschild Metric

Adam Pound (University of Guelph)

[pdf] A New Derivation of the Gravitational Self Force

Abraham Harte (University of Chicago)

[pdf] Sellf-force, generalliized symmetriies, and iinertiia

Samuel E. Gralla (University of Chicago)

[pdf] Comments on First and Second Order Gravitational Self-force

Barry Wardell, Sam Dolan, and Marc Casals (University of College Dublin ?)

[pdf] Matched Expansion Self-force Calculations

Eric Poisson (University of Guelph)

[pdf] Black holes in tidal environments: The nonlinear regime

Bernard Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] Role of PN approximations in EMRI calculations

Scott Field (Brown University)

[pdf] Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Computing Perturbations of a Schwarzschild Spacetime

Jhon Friedman (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

[pdf] Self-force in a gauge appropriate to separable wave equations

Abhay Shah (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

[pdf] Self-force for a particle in circular orbit around Schwarzschild blackhole

Alessandro Spallicci (Universite d Orleans)

[pdf] Self force and radial fall (History of fascinations and troubles)

Ian Vega (University of Florida)

[pdf] Self-force with (3+1) codes

Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] Self Force Calculations using Field Regularization and a 3D Finite Difference Code

Lior Burko (The University of Alabama)

[pdf] Evolving Metric Perturbations and Self- Force Calculations in the Lorenz Gauge: progress report

Norichika Sago (YITP)

[pdf] Calculation of the gravitational self-force in Schwarzschild spacetime

Niels Warburton (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Self-Force for a Scalar Particle in Kerr spacetime: Circular Equatorial Orbits

Chad Galley (University of Maryland)

[pdf] Towards accurate EMRI waveforms and parameter estimation for LISA

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