Unofficial mirror page of 18th CAPRA meeting

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Sarp Akcay (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Self-force corrections to spin precession for eccentric orbits in Schwarzschild spacetime

Giuseppe d'Ambrosi (Nikhef: National Institute for Subatomic Physics)

[pdf] Ballistic orbits for Gravitational Waves

Marta Colleoni (University of Southampton)

[pdf] [jpg] Overspinning a Kerr black hole: the effect of self-force

Steven Detweiler (University of Florida)

[jpg] Second order metric perturbations (or, "RW-gauge used by Steven")

Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] A New Discontinuous Galerkin Code for Time Domain, Effective Source Self-force Calculations

Charles R. Evans (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Eccentric-orbit energy fuxes to 6PN order via analytic functions and spectral integration

Paco Giudice (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Metric reconstruction via Hertz potential in the time domain

Seth Hopper (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Finding self-force quantities in a post-Newtonian expansion

Chris Kavanagh (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Analytic calculation of post-Newtonian expansions of gauge invariants

Alexandre Le Tiec (Observatoire de Paris)

[pdf] Orbital dynamics of eccentric compact binaries

Nathan Johnson-McDaniel (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)

[pdf] Experimental mathematics meets gravitational self-force

Cesar Merlin (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Completion of metric reconstruction for a particle orbiting a Kerr black hole

Jordan Moxon (Cornell University)

[pdf] Radiation-Reaction Force on a Small Charged Body to Second Order

Patrick Nolan (University of College Dublin)

[pdf] Octupolar Gauge Invariants in Schwarzschild Spacetimes

Eric Van Oeveren (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

[pdf] Using an Analytical Regularization Scheme to Find the Self-Force on an Accelerated Scalar Charge

Adam Pound (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Introduction to gravitational self-force
[pdf] Second-order self-force: problems in the infrared

Norichika Sago (Kyusyu University)

[pdf] Calculation of radiation reaction effect on orbital parametersin Kerr spacetime

Pau Amaro Seoane (AEI)

[pdf] The astrophysics of EMRIS

Abhay Shah (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Self-force meets post-Newtonian theory and more...

Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto Univeristy)

[pdf] Some proposal on second order perturbation

Maarten van de Meent (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Self-force corrections to eccentric orbits in Kerr

Niels Warburton (MIT)

[pdf] Evolving High Eccentricity Inspirals and Fluxes from rapidly rotating black holes

Barry Wardell (Cornell University)

[pdf] Compute second order gravitational self-force effects

Alan Wiseman (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee )

[jpg] [jpg] [jpg] The self-force on accelerated charges in Schwarzschild space-time

Aaron Zimmerman (CITA)

[pdf] Generic simulations for self-force comparisons

Bernard Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] Capra round-up: Then and now

Snap shots in the discussion session: to dos for 19th CAPRA

Wave generation and the erros from osculating obbit approx.
[jpg] [jpg]
Synegy betwenn Nnumerical relativity and self-forces
[jpg] [jpg] [jpg]

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