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This Capra meeting has been held in honor of Steven Detweiler (1947-2016), who made significant contributions to gravitational physics in general, and to the Capra research program in particular.

We will all miss you, Steve.

Sarp Ackay (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Self-force corrections to spin precession for eccentric orbits in Schwarzschild spacetime (again)

Stanislav Babak (AEI)

[pdf] Results from O1 aLIGO run and impact on eLISA science

Leor Barack (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Completion of metric reconstruction for a particle orbiting a Kerr black hole

Enrico Barausse (IAP)

[pdf] eLISA science in the era of first detections

Donato Bini (Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo)

[pdf] High]order analytical self]force calculations

Marta Colleoni (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Gravitational self-force along marginally bound orbits in Schwarzschild spacetime

Hector Chen (University of Frolida)

[pdf] Aspects of Steven Detweiler's approach to the second-order

Thibault Damour (Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques)

[pdf] Effective One-Body Theory and Self-Force

Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] Progress on the numerical calculation of the self-force in the time domain

Charles R. Evans (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Further high-precision comparisons between perturbation calculations and PN theory for eccentric inspirals

Ryuichi Fujita (Instituto Superior Tecnico)

[pdf] Radiation reaction effect on orbital parameters of a spinning particle in Kerr spacetime

Chad Galley (Caltech)

[pdf] Fast and accurate evaluation of black hole Green's functions using surrogate models

Abraham Harte (AEI)

[pdf] Self-force: Foundations and formalism
[pdf] Self-forces and self-torques in arbitrary dimensions: Part II

Tanja Hinderer (University of Maryland)

[pdf] Gravitational waves from neutron star, black hole binaries

Seth Hopper (Gravitation in tecnico)

[pdf] Frequency domain techniques to analyzing unbound motion on Schwarzschild spacetime

Chris Kavanagh (University College Dublin)

[pdf] High Order Analytical Self-Force Calculations

Soichiro Isoyama (University of Guelph)

[pdf] Hamiltonian formulation of self-forced motion inKerr: conservative dynamics

Eirini Messaritaki (Cardiff University)

[pdf] Steve, our mentor

Jordan Moxon (Cornell University)

[pdf] Progress Toward Post-Adiabatic EMRI Waveforms

Marius Oltean (Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Orleans)

[pdf] Entropy in classical mechanics, general relativity, and the gravitational two-body problem

Thomas Osburn (Emory University)

[pdf] Highly eccentric EMRIs with self-force and spin-curvature-force

Arkady A. Popov (Kazan Federal University)

[pdf] Renormalization for the self-potential of a charge in static space-times

Adam Pound (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Second-order self-force: formulation and applications

Abhay Shah (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Gauge invariant perturbations of Petrov type D spacetimes - II

Jan Steinhoff (AEI)

[pdf] Dynamical Tides in General Relativity

Jonathan Thompson (University of Frolida)

[pdf] Preparations for Second-Order Self-Force Calculations

Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana University)

[pdf] Scalar self-force for highly eccentric orbits in Kerr spacetime

Maarten van de Meent (University of Southampton)

[pdf] First order Self-force in Kerr spacetime

Justin Vines (AEI)

[pdf] Spin-multipole effects in binary black holes, and the test-body limit

Niels Warburton (MIT)

[pdf] Inspiral into Gargantua

Barry Wardell (Cornell University and UCD)

[pdf] Self-force: Implementations and Results

Bernard Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] Gauge Invariant Perturbations of Petrov Type D Spacetimes
[pdf] Steve, the physist

Aaron Zimmerman (CITA)

[pdf] Extracting the redshift factor in binary black hole simulations

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