Unofficial mirror page of 20th CAPRA meeting

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Leor Barack (University of Southampton)

[pdf] Time-domain metric reconstruction for self-force applications

Jezreel C. Castillo (University of the Philippines)

[pdf] Self-force on a scalar charge in circular orbits about a Reissner-Nordstrom black hole

Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)

[pdf] Towards the self-consistent evolution of a scalar charge around a Schwarzschild black hole

Jonathan Gair (University of Edinburgh)

[pdf] [mp4 (~600 MB)] Prospects for observing extreme-mass-ratio inspirals with LISA

Chad Galley (JPL/Caltech)

[pdf] Solving for binary inspiral dynamics using renormalization group methods

Anna Heffernan (University College Dublin/University of Florida)

[pdf] Regularisation via the Detweiler-Whiting singular field (revisited)

Seth Hopper (Centra/GRIT)

[pdf] Scattering trajectories in Schwarzschild spacetime

Alexandre Le Tiec (Observatoire de Paris)

[pdf] The laws of binary black hole mechanics: An update

Carlos Lousto (CCRG/Rochester Institute of Technology)

[pdf] Remnant of binary black-hole mergers: The spinless case revisited

Jordan Moxon (Cornell University)

[pdf] Progress Towards Multiscale EMRI Approximation: Zones and Scales

Christopher Munna (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Enhanced determination of eccentric orbit PN expansions from perturbation theory: Finding structure in the LMN modes

Zachary Nasipak (University of North Carolina)

[pdf] Scalar self-force for generic, bound orbits on Kerr

Thomas Osburn (Emory University)

[pdf] Evolution of small-mass-ratio binaries with a spinning secondary

Adam Pound (University of Southampton)

[pdf] [mp4 (~100MB) ] Progress at second order

Karl S. Revelar (University of the Philippines)

[pdf] Overcharging higher-dimensional black holes with point particles

Joseph D. Rudmin (James Madison University)

[pdf] Merger Simulation Using the Parker Sochacki Method and Finite Element Analysis, in a Model Explicitly Consistent with Quantum Mechanics.

Bernard F. Schutz (AEI/Cardiff University)

[pdf] NR for I/EMRI (Proposal for discussion)

Andrea Taracchini (AEI)

[pdf] Effective-one-body modeling of binary black holes in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy

Jonathan Thompson (University of Florida)

[pdf] Effective Source Formulations in the Regge-Wheeler Gauge

Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana University)

[pdf] Scalar self-force and QNM excitation for highly eccentric orbits in Kerr spacetime

Maarten van de Meent (AEI)

[pdf] First order gravitational self-force on generic bound orbits in Kerr spacetime

Niels Warburton (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Computing inspirals and waveforms using the self-force

Barry Wardell (University College Dublin)

[pdf] Effective Source Calculations Through Second Perturbative Order

Bernard Whiting (University of Florida)

[pdf] Capra roundup: perspective and prospects

Kei Yamada (Kyoto University)

[pdf] Near-horizon Expansion of Second-order BH Perturbations

Huan Yang (Princeton University)

[pdf] General Relativistic Dynamics of an Extreme Mass Ratio Binary with an External Body

Aaron Zimmerman (CITA)

[pdf] Update on LIGO
[pdf] Transient instabilities of nearly extremal black holes

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