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Workshops in 2021

Workshops in 2020

Long-term workshops
Mean-field and Cluster Dynamics in Nuclear Systems 2020 (MCD2020), postponed (YITP archive).
・YKIS2020: Developments of Physics of Unstable Nuclei, cancelled.
Frontiers in Non-equilibrium Physics 2020: Statistical mechanics of athermal systems, cencelled/partially postponed (YITP archive).
International Molecule-type workshops
Potential Toolkit to Attack Nonperturbative Aspects of QFT -Resurgence and related topics-,
Sep.7-Sep.25, 2020 (YITP archive).
The Schwinger Effect and Strong-Field Physics, Jan.18-Jan.29, 2021 (YITP archive).
Fast Radio Bursts: A Mystery Being Solved?, Feb.8-Feb.19, 2021 (YITP archive).

Workshops in 2019

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Workshops in 2007

Long-term workshops
Scientific program on Gravity and Cosmology, Sep.3-Sep.28, 2007 (YITP archive).
YKIS2007:Interaction and Nanostructural Effects in Low-Dimensional Systems, Nov.5-30, 2007
(YITP archive).
is published: Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. No. 176
New Frontiers in QCD 2008: fundamental problems in hot and/or dense matter, Jan.28-Mar.21, 2008 (YITP archive).
is published: Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. No. 174
International Molecule-type workshops
・Towards the precise predictions of CP violation, Oct.20-Oct.27, 2007.
・Black holes in dense stellar system, Dec., 2007-Jan., 2008.