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Hybrid form of Room K206 (on-site) + Zoom (online) [From 2023-01-18]
(Access information to the Zoom meeting room will be provided in each announcement email)


Every Wednesday

12:15-- Lunch
12:20--12:40 Seminar
12:40--12:50 Questions, self-introduction, and announcements

Groups and organizers of 2023

Group Organizer
AC: Astrophysics and Cosmology Deheng Song
CM: Condensed Matter physics Ryo Hanai and Rina Tazai
EP: Elementary Particle physics Shan-Ming Ruan
NP: Nuclear Physics Koichi Murase (Corresponding Organizer)
QI: Quantum Information Ryu Hayakawa

Forthcoming lunch seminars

Seminars 2023

Date Name Group Title
2024-02-14 EP
2024-02-07 QI
2024-01-31 CM
2024-01-24 AC
2024-01-17 EP
2024-01-10 Masakiyo Kitazawa NP
2023-11-01 Peng-Xiang Hao EP Flat holography and BMS field theories
2023-10-18 Masanori Iwamoto AC Particle acceleration in relativistic collisionless shocks
2023-10-11 Hiromi Ebisu CM Thermal fluctuation and fractional statistics
2023-10-04 Yui Hayashi NP Higgs-confinement continuity in light of particle-vortex statistics
Date Name Group Title
2023-07-12 ―Canceled― EP
2023-07-05 Ryu Hayakawa QI Towards quantum advantage in quantum chemistry: Improved hardness results for the guided local Hamiltonian problem
2023-06-28 Ken Shiozaki CM Geometric phase of matrix product state
2023-06-21 Yoko Oya AC A Few Tens au Scale Physical and Chemical Structures around Young Solar-Type Protostars with Radio Observations
2023-06-14 Dongwook Ghim EP Coherent Imaging Spectroscopy of Schwinger model with Digital Quantum Simulation
2023-05-31 Koichi Murase NP Constraining Λ potential in high densities by neutron star, heavy-ion collisions, and hypernuclear spectroscopy
2023-05-24 Hirokazu Maruoka CM A framework for crossover of scaling law as a self-similar solution: dynamical impact of viscoelastic board
2023-05-17 Shoma Kamijima AC Cosmic-ray acceleration in a supernova remnant shock propagating in a stellar wind
2023-05-10 Takato Mori EP Causality and entanglement on brane from scattering in the bulk
2023-04-26 Yuya Tanizaki NP Topology of SU(N) lattice gauge fields and 't Hooft anomaly
Date Name Group Title

Past lunch seminars

Seminars 2022

Date Name Group Title
2023-02-01 Jonathan Edward Harper EP An introduction to the holographic entropy cone
2023-01-25 Hector Hougaard QI Possibility of Multiparty Computation (MPC) in a Quantum World
2023-01-18 Ryo Hanai CM Non-reciprocal phase transitions
2022-12-21 ―Canceled― AC
2022-12-14 Pratik Nandy EP A measure of genuine tripartite entanglement
2022-11-30 Hiromasa Watanabe NP Monte Carlo studies for Matrix Models
2022-11-16 Rina Tazai CM Spontaneous Charge-Loop Orders in Many Body Electron Systems
2022-11-02 Deheng Song AC Galactic center excess: current debates and future directions
2022-10-26 Masataka Watanabe EP Unusual applications of the effective field theory
2022-10-19 Masakiyo Kitazawa NP Real and virtual experiments to explore non-perturbative aspects of QCD
Date Name Group Title
2022-07-20 Akihiro Miyata EP A partially fine-grained description of a black hole and Hawking radiation with baby universes
2022-07-13 Andrés Ducuara QI Expected utility theory for quantum information
2022-07-06 Yui Hayashi NP Non-invertible symmetries in the Cardy-Rabinovici model
2022-06-15 Chen-Hsuan Hsu CM Helical liquids in condensed matter systems
2022-06-08 Das Saikat AC Ultrahigh-energy constraints on decaying superheavy dark matter
2022-06-01 Naotaka Kubo EP 3d superconformal Chern-Simons theories and quantum curves
2022-05-25 Tomohiro Oishi NP Daydream of nuclear many-body physics
2022-05-18 Masatoshi Murase CM Self-consistency, Self-transcendence, Self-nonself Circulation: A Plausible Understanding of Life based on the Self-consistency Principle
2022-04-27 Shan-Ming Ruan EP Codimension-n Extremal Surfaces in Holography
Date Name Group Title

Seminars 2021

Date Name Group Title
2022-02-02 Hidekatsu Nemura EP Few-body problem of light hypernuclei
2022-01-26 Ben Baragiola QI Introduction to bosonic error correcting codes
2022-01-19 Hidefumi Matsuda NP Analysis of thermalization of highly occupied and weakly coupled Yang-Mills fields with use of Husimi function
2022-01-12 Ken Shiozaki CM Adiabatic cycles of quantum spin systems
2021-12-08 Takashi Yoshida AC Three dimensional hydrodynamics simulations of shell burning in pre-collapse massive stars
2021-12-01 Tatsuma Nishioka EP Quantum informational methods in quantum field theory
2021-11-17 Koichi Murase NP Hydrodynamic fluctuations in relativistic systems
2021-11-10 Ryota Mizuno CM Introduction of Dynamical Mean Field Theory
2021-10-27 Norita Kawanaka AC How to Detect Galactic Black Holes
2021-10-20 Kenta Suzuki EP Bi-local Holography of the SYK Model
Date Name Group Title

Seminars 2020

Date Name Group Title
2021-1-27 Hiroaki Matsunaga EP Homotopy algebra in quantum field theory
2021-1-20 Patrick Copinger NP The Chiral Anomaly in and out of Equilibrium through the Schwinger Effect
2020-1-13 Atsushi Taruya AC Gravitational redshift effect on large-scale structure
2020-12-16 Etsuko Itou EP Superfluid phase in QCD-like theory
2020-12-9 Pradipto CM Running on top of a liquid: impact-induced hardening in dense suspensions
2020-12-2 Francesco Di Filippo AC Geodesically complete black holes
2020-11-25 Ali Mollabashi EP Some Information-theoretic features of (Holographic) Non-relativistic Theories
2020-11-11 Yuya Tanizaki NP Topological aspects of oblique confinement in the Cardy-Rabinovici model
2020-11-4 Kunihito Ioka AC Fast Radio Bursts: A Mystery Being Solved?
2020-10-28 Noburo Shiba EP Operator method for entanglement entropy
2020-10-21 Nobuyuki Okuma CM Topological aspects of non-Hermitian physics
2020-10-14 Wataru Ishizaki AC Broadband Spectrum and Radial Profile of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
2020-7-29 Takahiro Uetoko EP Argyres-Douglas Theories and Liouville Irregular States
2020-7-22 Michele Dall'Arno QI Quantum Guesswork
2020-7-8 Satoshi Tanaka AC Vlasov-Poisson Simulations of Large-Scale Structure Formation with massive Neutrinos
2020-7-1 Masazumi Honda EP Black hole microstate counting and AdS/CFT correspondence
2020-6-24 Masatoshi Sato CM Multipole theory of Majorana fermions in Topological Superconductors
2020-6-17 Mohammad Ali Gorji AC Bounds on the Horndeski Gauge-Gravity Coupling
2020-6-10 Tomonori Ugajin EP Entanglement between two disjoint universes
2020-6-3 Shun Arai AC Unveiling secrets of gravity at cosmological distances
2020-5-27 Yusuke Namekawa NP Exploring QCD at finite temperature and density using complex Langevin method
2020-5-20 Hidehiko Shimada EP Exact computation of operator product expansion for an interacting model with space/time anisotropic scaling symmetry
2020-5-13 Terufumi Yamaguchi CM Theory of magnon spin transport and nonlinear magnetization dynamics
Date Name Group Title

Seminars 2019

Date Name Group Title
2020-1-29 Tokuro Fukui NP Chiral three-nucleon force and shell-model calculations
2020-1-22 Katsuhisa Taguchi CM Spin Hall effect in a topological Dirac semimetal
2020-1-8 Tetsuya Onogi EP APS index theorem from domain-wall fermion
2019-12-18 Hisao Hayakawa CM Fluctuation relations for quantum pumping processes
2019-12-11 Atsushi Naruko AC Primordial perturbations from cosmic inflation and its statistical anisotropy
2019-11-20 Koichi Hattori NP Recent formulation of relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
2019-11-13 Takahiro Nishimichi AC Consistency relations in the large scale structure of the universe
2019-11-6 Ibrahim Akal EP Computational complexity and Berry phase in QFT
2019-10-16 Keita Nii EP Search for ``simple'' 3d Seiberg dualities
2019-10-2 Jibril Ben Achour AC New conformal symmetry in FLRW cosmology
2019-7-24 Yasuaki Hikida EP Matrix-valued higher spin holography
2019-7-17 Hiroyasu Tajima CM Fundamental limitation for quantum unitary operations under conservation laws
2019-7-10 Akira Ohnishi NP Do androids dream of solving the sign problem ?
2019-6-26 Katsuki Aoki AC Gravity beyond Riemannian
2019-6-5 Keisuke Totsuka CM Topological phases out of coupled arrays of quantum wires
2019-5-29 Marcus Werner AC 100 Years of Gravitational Lensing
2019-5-22 Kotaro Tamaoka EP An odd generalization of the entropy
2019-5-15 Nodoka Yamanaka NP Physics opportunities at AFTER@LHC: A fixed-target experiment using LHC beam
2019-5-8 Yoshifumi Nakata CM A toy model for information paradox when black holes have symmetries
2019-4-24 Junichi Sakamoto EP Weyl invariance of string theories in generalized supergravity backgrounds
2019-4-17 Yun-Long Zhang AC From Membrane Fluid to Dark Fluid in the Accelerating Universe
Date Name Group Title

Seminars 2018

Date Name Group Title
2019-1-16 Andrew Darmawan EP Improved decoders for topological error correction using tensor-network methods
2019-1-9 Ken Shiozaki CM Fermionic partial transpose and non-local order parameters for SPT phases of fermions
2018-12-12 Shigeki Sugimoto EP 2 dim QED and String Theory
2018-12-5 Antonio De Felice AC Minimal theory of Massive Gravity++
2018-11-28 Nobuyuki Okuma CM Classification of topological crystalline insulators
2018-11-21 Sinya Aoki EP Holography from field theories - a realization of AdS/CFT correspondence
2018-11-14 Kazuya Takahashi AC Relativistic jet from the fast-spinning super-massive black hole in M87
2018-10-31 Di-Lun Yang NP Chiral kinetic theory and quantum transport in chiral matter
2018-10-24 Tatsuki Hashimoto CM Superconductivity in topological materials
2018-10-10 Tadashi Takayanagi EP Holographic Spacetimes as Quantum Circuits of Path-Integrations
2018-10-3 Hamid Hamidani AC Jet propagation in an expanding medium: Hunting GW170817's dark horse
2018-7-18 Hayato Motohashi AC Modified gravity with higher derivatives
2018-7-11 Alex Jahn EP Majorana dimer models: Tensor networks and quantum error correction
2018-7-4 Tetsuo Hyodo NP Exotic hadrons and emergent long range force in QCD
2018-6-20 Seiji Terashima EP AdS/CFT Correspondence in Operator Formalism
2018-6-6 Tomoyuki Morimae CM Mapping quantum computing to local Hamiltonians
2018-5-30 Nobuya Nishimura AC Synthesis of the Trans-Iron Elements in Stars
2018-5-23 Luca Lionni EP Some recent exact results in dynamical triangulations
2018-5-16 Naoyuki Itagaki NP Roles of the non-central interactions and cluster-shell competition in nuclear structure
2018-5-9 Katsuhisa Taguchi CM Magnetoelectric effect due to the dynamical theta-term
2018-4-25 Sosuke Noda AC Analog rotating black holes in an MHD flow
Date Name Group Title

Seminars 2017

Date Name Group Title
2018-1-24 Arpan Bhattacharyya EP Exploring AdS/CFT using tensor network
2018-1-17 Shi Pi AC Scalaron from R^2-gravity as a Heavy Field
2018-1-10 Sanjin Benic NP Quantum Monte Carlo simulation with a black hole
2017-12-6 Yu Watanabe CM Thermal-equilibration of isolated many-body quantum systems revisited from quantum hypothesis testing theory
2017-11-22 Ryuichi Fujita AC Gravitational waves from a spinning particle around a Kerr black hole
2017-11-1 Yoshitaka Hatta NP Single spin asymmetry in forward proton-nucleus collisions
2017-10-25 Kenta Kiuchi AC Gravitational waves from binary neutron star mergers
2017-10-18 Takuto Kawakami CM Spin texture of Majorana bound states in topological superconductors
2017-7-19 Sho Fujibayashi AC Mass ejection from binary neutron star merger and its remnant
2017-7-5 Akira Ohnishi NP Unitary gas constraint on nuclear symmetry energy
2017-6-28 Naoki Sasakura EP Symmetric configurations highlighted by collective quantum coherence \UTF{2001}Ein Canonical Tensor Model
2017-6-14 Shimpei Goto CM Incommensurate magnetic order of the half-filled Hubbard model on anisotropic triangular lattice
2017-6-7 Shohei Saga AC New constraint on primordial magnetic fields
2017-5-31 Masato Nozawa EP Supersymmetric black lens
2017-5-24 Yu Maezawa NP Determination of fundamental parameters in QCD from lattice simulations
2017-5-17 Toru Kikuchi CM Spin current at equilibrium states as an origin of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in magnets
2017-4-26 Shuntaro Mizuno AC Constraining equilateral-type primordial non-Gaussianities from imaging surveys
2017-4-19 Shuichi Yokoyama EP Study of 4d N=3 theories from superconformal index
2017-4-12 Organizers Introduction to Lunch Meeting 2017
Date Name Group Title

Seminars 2016

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2017-1-25 Kunihito Ioka AC Astrophysical Problems in the Gravitational Wave Era
2017-1-18 Kouji Kashiwa NP Lefschetz thimble and repulsive vector-type interaction
2017-1-11 Yasuaki Hikida EP Higher spin holography and superstring theory
2016-12-7 Marcus Werner AC The Etherington relation and spacetime structure
2016-11-30 Ippei Danshita CM Ultrahot physics with ultracold gases
2016-11-16 Tetsuo Hyodo NP Scattering of gapped Nambu-Goldstone modes
2016-11-9 Yuto Teraki AC Cosmic-ray acceleration in turbulence
2016-10-26 Bertrand Delamotte CM Critical exponents can be different on the two sides of a transition
2016-10-5 Hiroshi Kunitomo EP Recent development in superstring field theory
2016-7-6 Ryo Saito AC Modification of gravity in cosmology and astrophysics
2016-6-29 Takahiro Nishinaka EP Why M5-branes are still mysterious
2016-6-22 Yoshitaka Hatta NP Probing the QCD Wigner distribution in diffractive deep inelastic scattering
2016-6-8 Chunshan Lin AC Do we have to modify gravity in the very early universe?
2016-5-25 Masaya Kunimi CM Magnon Excitations in Ferromagnetic Spin-1 Bose Gas
2016-5-18 Fumihiro Takayama EP Dark Matter stability from Flavor symmetry
2016-5-11 Naoyuki Itagaki NP Shell and cluster aspects of nuclear systems
2016-4-27 Shinji Mukohyama AC Ghost inflation and de Sitter entropy
2016-4-20 Giacomo Marmorini CM Correlations of Tonks-Girardeau anyons in a harmonic trap

Seminars 2015

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2016-1-27 Shigeki Sugimoto EP On phase transitions in 3 dim YM-CS theory with defects
2016-1-20 Takatoshi Ichikawa NP High-spin torus isomer state of 40Ca
2016-1-13 Atsushi Taruya AC Cosmological test of gravity with large-scale structure observations
2015-12-2 Hisao Hayakawa CM Divergence of viscosity at the jamming point
2015-11-25 Sinya Aoki EP Geometries from field theories
2015-11-18 Akira Ohnishi NP Hadron interactions from heavy-ion collisions
2015-11-4 Sato Masatoshi CM Exotic surface states in topological materials
2015-10-28 Hiroaki Matsunaga EP Recent developments in string field theory
2015-10-21 Kenji Morita NP Yang-Lee zeros from canonical partition functions
2015-10-14 Takashi Hiramatsu AC CMB bispectrum
2015-07-08 Tomohiko Sano CM Frictional granular rotor as a probe for non-equilibrium baths
2015-06-24 Yu Maezawa NP Quark deconfinement in lattice QCD: From Hadrons to Quarks
2015-06-10 Masahiro Nozaki EP Quantum Entanglement of Local Operators
2015-06-03 Marcus Christian Werner AC Generalizing gravitational lensing magnification
2015-05-27 Cynthia Trevisan CM Exploring the Interaction Between Light and Matter: Probing Molecular Geometry and Dissociation Dynamics
2015-05-20 Shunji Matsuura EP Error Correction in Quantum Annealing
2015-05-13 Yasuhiro Yamaguchi NP Hadronic Molecular States and Heavy Quark Spin Symmetry
2015-04-22 Kenta Kiuchi AC Magnetohydrodynamical simulations of black hole - neutron star mergers in numerical relativity
2015-04-15 Song He EP Entanglement Entropy (Conical Entropy) in String Theory

Seminars 2014

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2015-01-28 Kiyoshi Kanazawa CM Microscopic derivation of non-Gaussian Langevin equations for athermal systems
2015-01-21 Chunshan Lin AC Effective Field Theory of Spatial Diffeomorphisms Breaking
2015-01-14 Noburo Shiba EP An operator method in entanglement entropy
2015-01-07 Kouji Kashiwa NP Investigation of QCD phase structure from imaginary chemical potential region
2014-12-17 Antonio De Felice AC Modified gravity models, Massive (bi-)gravity
2014-12-10 Kengo Kikuchi EP Generalized Gradient Flow Equation and Its Application to Super Yang-Mills Theory
2014-11-26 Shu Tanaka CM Quantum Annealing
2014-11-19 Shinji Mukohyama AC Massive gravity and cosmology
2014-11-05 Takumi Iritani EP Partial restoration of chiral symmetry inside color flux tube
2014-10-29 Tetsuo Hyodo NP Hadron mass scaling near the s-wave threshold
2014-10-15 Misao Sasaki AC Open Inflation Reviving
2014-10-01 Tadashi Takayanagi EP Quantum Entanglement and Spacetime Geometry
2014-07-09 Masatoshi Murase CM What is reality?
2014-07-02 Yuki Yokokura EP A Self-consistent Model of the Black Hole Evaporation
2014-06-11 Hiroki Nagakura AC Relativistic Jet Simulations in Gamma-Ray Bursts
2014-06-04 Mitsutoshi Fujita EP Notes on holographic boson Hubbard model
2014-05-21 Atsushi Taruya AC Primordial gravitational waves detected?
2014-05-14 Yoshitaka Hatta NP Exact solutions of relativistic conformal hydrodynamics
2014-05-07 Shunsuke Yabunaka CM Self-propelled motion of a fluid droplet under chemical reaction
2014-04-16 Daisuke Nomura EP Probing physics beyond the Standard Model via precision particle physics

Seminars 2013

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2014-01-29 Jonathan White AC Exciting times for CMB cosmology: Non-minimal coupling in the context of multi-field inflation
2013-12-18 Hajime Sotani NP Probing the Equation of State of Nuclear Matter via Neutron Star Asteroseismology
2013-12-11 Masaru Shibata AC Kilonova/macronova and merger of newtron-star binaries
2013-11-20 Bernard Raffaelli EP The Problem of Time in Quantum Gravity, A Semiclassical Approach
2013-11-06 Takami Tohyama CM Double-pulse deexcitations in a one-dimensional strongly correlated system
2013-10-16 Sanefumi Moriyama EP M-theory and Matrix Models
2013-10-02 Dong-han Yeom AC Review of Euclidean quantum cosmology and some issues for inflation
2013-07-10 Takashi Yoshida AC Type Ic core-collapse supernovae evolved from very massive stars
2013-06-12 Jenifer Nebreda NP Lightest resonances studied through unitarized chiral perturbation theory
2013-05-29 Masaki Shigemori EP Exotic branes and string theory
2013-05-22 Keisuke Totsuka CM Symmetry-protected topological order in 1 \UTF{2062} D — detection and physical realization
2013-05-15 Yusuke Kimura EP F-theory and landscape
2013-05-08 Toshiya Namikawa AC Weak gravitational lensing of CMB: Recent progress and future
2013-04-17 Goro Ishiki EP Little string theory from a matrix quantum mechanics

Seminars 2012

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2013-02-06 Akira Ohnishi NP Auxiliary field Monte-Carlo for finite density lattice QCD at strong coupling — a small step toward the sign problem —
2013-01-30 Masaomi Ono AC Numerical Simulation of Nucleosynthesis and Matter Mixing in Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions
2013-01-16 Ippei Danshita CM Anomalous hysteresis in first-order quantum phase transitions
2013-01-09 Yuichi Takamizu AC Nonlinear Long-wavelength Perturbations
2012-12-19 Tomonori Ugajin EP On the entropy of the higher spin black holes
2012-11-28 Satoshi Nakamura NP Nutrino-induced meson production model for neutrino oscillation experiments
2012-11-21 Yuichiro Sekiguchi AC Black Hole—Neutron Star Merger Simulation in Numerical Relativity
2012-10-24 Kazuo Hosomichi EP Supersymmetry and Localization
2012-10-10 Yu Watanabe CM Eigenstate randomization hypothesis: a thermalization mechanism on isolated quantum systems
2012-10-03 Ying-li Zhang AC Hawking-Moss Instanton in Non-linear Massive Gravity
2012-07-11 Naoki Sasakura EP On "Universe" from canonical tensor model
2012-07-04 Naoyuki Itagaki NP Duality of the nuclear structure
2012-06-27 Takashi Hiramatsu AC Cosmic String Network
2012-06-20 Hirotaka Irie EP The Uses of Instantons in String Theory
2012-06-13 Ryosuke Yoshii CM Electronic States and Transport in Quantum dots
2012-06-06 Takatoshi Ichikawa NP Nuclear fission process
2012-05-30 Hirotaka Ito AC Photospheric Emission from Structured Jet
2012-05-23 Kazuya Yonekura EP Supersymmetry and the Higgs boson at the LHC
2012-05-09 Chulmoon Yoo AC Black Hole Universe
2012-04-25 Andrea Prudenziati EP The physics behind topological string theory
2012-04-18 Hantao Lu CM A Willful Kick—Photoinduced Charge Order Enhancement

Seminars 2011

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2012-02-01 Masato Minamitsuji AC De Sitter Solutions in the Higher-dimensional Gravity
2012-01-25 Seiji Terashima EP Mysterious 6 \UTF{2062} d Field Theories and Dualities
2012-01-18 Daisuke Jido NP What is exotic hadron?
2012-01-11 Soichiro Isoyama AC Cosmic Censorship in a Charged Black Hole
2011-12-21 Ken-iti Izawa EP Theories That Apply to Physical Systems of Everything
2011-11-16 Tatsuro Yuge CM Measurement of Noise Spectrum Using a Noise Canceling Method
2011-11-09 Ryo Saito AC Black Hole Dark Matter
2011-10-26 Hiroshi Kunitomo EP Present Status of String Field Theory
2011-10-19 Kenji Morita NP Quarkonium at Finite Temperature: Recent Status
2011-10-05 Masashi Kimura AC High Velocity Collision of Particles around a Rapidly Rotating Black Hole
2011-07-13 Manabu Sakai EP Inflation in Gauge Mediation
2011-07-06 Zhi Li CM Spin Order in Correlated Electronic System
2011-06-29 Keisuke Izumi AC Trispectrum Estimator of Primordial Perturbation in Equilateral Type Non-Gaussian Models
2011-06-22 Ken-ichi Shizuya EP Particle Physics in Cond-mat Systems: Graphene
2011-06-15 Tadahiro Suhara NP Exotic Cluster Structures in Nuclei
2011-06-08 Kazuhiro Sakai EP AdS/CFT Correspondence and Gluon Scattering Amplitudes
2011-06-01 Kenta Kiuchi AC Gravitational Waves and Neutrino Emission from the Merger of Binary Neutron Stars
2011-05-25 Hiroki Ohta CM Lane Formation as a Example of Universal Laws Bridging Different Scales
2011-05-11 Laila Alabidi AC Constraining Models of Inflation
2011-04-27 Tatsuhiro Misumi EP Recent Progress in Lattice Chiral Fermions

Seminars 2010

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2011-02-09 Akira Ohnishi NP Exotics from heavy ion collisions
2011-02-02 Jason Andrew Doukas AC Myers-Perry black holes: Beyond the single rotation case
2011-01-26 Tohru Eguchi EP "Recreational Mathematic" New moonshine phenomenon
2011-01-19 Shigetoshi Sota CM Optical conductivity in one-dimensional Mott insulator Sr2CuO3
2011-01-12 Alberto Martinez Torres NP Three-body Hadron Resonances
2011-01-05 Taichiro Kugo EP Two (too) big problems
2010-12-15 Yudai Suwa AC Explosion Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae
2010-12-08 Hirofumi Wada CM Bucking of a rotating elastic rod: Twist transport and geometric phases
2010-12-01 Maiko Kohriki EP Brief review on string field theory
2010-11-17 Masato Taki EP Arithmetic of Solvable Strings & Dualities
2010-11-10 Akihiro Nishiyama NP Kadanoff-Baym Approach to the formation process of Quark-Gluon Plasma
2010-10-27 Atsushi Nishizawa AC Gravitational waves as a probe for dark energy
2010-10-13 Takashi Shimomura EP Constraints on SUSY breaking terms and Neutrino Masses
2010-10-06 Takami Tohyama CM Dirac Fermions in Newly Discovered Iron-Based Superconductors
2010-07-14 Norihiro Tanahashi AC Constraining alternative theories of gravity by gravitational wave observations
2010-07-07 Kazunobu Maruyoshi EP Recent developments on N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theory
2010-06-16 Takenori Furumoto NP Diffraction phenomena in nucleus-nucleus elastic scattering
2010-06-09 Fumihiro Takayama EP A quick view for dark matter and a history of the universe
2010-05-26 Masatoshi Murase CM Living Matrix—Towards the new horizon in integrated life science—
2010-05-19 Yasuyuki Hatsuda EP Spectral Problem in N = 4 Super Yang-Mills Theory and Integrable Spin-Chains
2010-05-12 Naoyuki Itagaki NP Specific structure of light neutron-rich nuclei
2010-04-28 Shigehiro Nagataki AC Deciphering the Ancient Universe with Gamma-Ray Bursts
2010-04-21 Isao Kishimoto EP On numerical solutions in open string field theory

Seminars 2009

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2010-02-10 Hisao Hayakawa CM n/a
2010-02-03 Kazuo Hosomichi EP n/a
2010-01-27 Marco Ruggieri NP n/a
2009-12-16 Junichi Aoi AC n/a
2009-12-09 Yuichiro Nakai EP n/a
2009-12-02 Keisuke Totsuka CM n/a
2009-11-25 Tatsuhiro Misumi EP n/a
2009-11-18 Takatoshi Ichikawa NP n/a
2009-11-04 Luca Baiotti AC n/a
2009-10-14 Naoki Yoshioka CM n/a
2009-10-07 Naoki Sasakura EP n/a
2009-07-15 Koutaro Miura NP n/a
2009-07-01 Antonino FLACHI AC n/a
2009-06-17 Noriaki OGAWA EP n/a
2009-06-10 Eiji KANESHITA CM n/a
2009-06-03 Cecilia ALBERTSSON EP n/a
2009-05-27 Toru TAKAHASHI NP n/a
2009-05-13 Misao SASAKI AC n/a
2009-04-22 Ryu SASAKI EP n/a
2009-04-15 Hirofumi WADA CM n/a

Seminars 2008

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2009-02-04 Yuya SASAI EP n/a
2009-01-28 Takao MORINARI CM n/a
2009-01-21 Masaki MURATA EP n/a
2009-01-14 Daisuke JIDO NP n/a
2009-01-07 Takahiro TANAKA EP n/a
2008-12-17 Tetsuji KIMURA EP n/a
2008-12-10 Mitsuhisa OHTA EP n/a
2008-11-26 Yoshiharu TANAKA AC n/a
2008-11-19 Hideaki IIDA NP n/a
2008-11-12 Futoshi YAGI EP n/a
2008-11-05 Shigetoshi SOTA CM n/a
2008-10-29 Hiroyuki ABE EP n/a
2008-10-22 Kenji FUKUSHIMA NP n/a
2008-10-15 Antonio Enea ROMANO AC n/a
2008-10-08 Takeshi YAMAZAKI EP n/a
2008-10-01 Masatoshi MURASE CM n/a
2008-07-23 Yasuharu TERASHIMA EP n/a
2008-07-16 Nobuo HINOHARA NP n/a
2008-07-09 Chul-Moon YOO AC n/a
2008-07-02 Ken-ichi IZAWA EP n/a
2008-06-11 Takami TOHYAMA CM n/a
2008-06-04 Naoki SASAKURA EP n/a
2008-05-07 Akira ONISHI NP n/a
2008-04-30 Keitaro TAKAHASHI AC n/a
2008-04-23 Etsuko ITO EP n/a

Seminars 2007

Date Name Group Title
Date Name Group Title
2008-02-13 Antonino FLACHI AC Spinning Black Holes @ LHC
2008-02-06 Masafumi KURACHI EP An Alternative to the Standard Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Model
2008-01-30 Tetsuya ONOGI EP Nucleon Sigma Term from Lattice QCD
2008-01-23 Kimitake HAYASAKI AC Challenge to the Final Parsec Problem
2008-01-16 Hisao HAYAKAWA CM Long-time Tails in Sheared Fluids
2008-01-09 Hiroshi KUNITOMO EP Supersymmetric Solutions in Supergravity
2007-12-19 Seung-il NAM NP Instanton and its Application
2007-12-12 Dominikus HEINZELLER (visitor) AC Black Hole Pudding—on the quest for the ultimate accretion disk cooking recipe—
2007-12-05 Ken-ichi SHIZUYA EP Particle Physics ∩ Condensed Matter Physics—Graphene—
2007-10-31 Tadanori HYOUGUCHI CM Divergence-free WKB Method, Divergence-free Saddle Point Method
2007-10-17 Daisuke JIDO NP Hadronic Resonances in a Hadronic Picture—recent topic of hadron structure—
2007-10-10 Tohru EGUCHI EP de Sitter Space and Eternity
2007-07-18 Shigehiro NAGATAKI AC Extraction of Rotation Energy from a Black Hole
2007-07-11 Taichiro KUGO EP Electric Dipole Moments of Dyon and 'Electron'
2007-07-04 Hiroyuki KAMANO NP Current Understanding of the Nuclear Force
2007-06-27 Keisuke TOTSUKA CM Wave, Particle, and Rationality in Quantum Magnets
2007-06-20 Fabio SCARDIGLI AC Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Black Hole Temperature
2007-05-30 Norita KAWANAKA AC Earth-like Extra-Solar Planet
2007-05-23 Cecilia ALBERTSSON EP T-duality of Worldsheet Bounday Conditions
2007-05-16 Yoshiko KANADA-EN'YO NP Nuclear Cluster and Nuclear Molecule
2007-05-09 Michio OTSUKI CM Phase Transition of Rheological Property
2007-04-25 Misao SASAKI AC Test of Einstein gravity by Gravity Probe B
2007-04-18 Ryu SASAKI EP Exact Heisenberg Operator Solutions forMulti-particle Quantum Mechanics